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1, attract his attention

The first thing to do when you meet a man you like is to get his attention, but not crazy attention, but elegant or sexy attention. So, when you want to seduce a man you like, you can wear something sexy, but you can’t be too explicit, or you’ll get disgusted.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-how to hook a man’s heart and let him remember you”

2, cast a hug

The second way to seduce a man is to take the initiative to “throw a hug” and see him come over, you can walk past him and fall or pounce on him deliberately, in short, to have an intersection with him. To do this, first of all, make sure that you do not smell, have a light perfume taste the best, women will make men fascinated.

3, exude your charm


Don’t deliberately, try to pinch the scale just right, do fall generous, elegant and elegant, do not do, do not whiff, even if you do not speak, your body will also exude a charming temperament, such a woman is easy to make men fascinated.

“How to seduce a guy physically—-how to hook a man’s heart and let him remember you”

4, affectionate glance for three seconds

Is to do the eyes with soft waves of affectionate glance, in the heart silently count three numbers, and then take back the eyes, bow your head busy your things. Don’t stare at him for a long time, or he’ll think you’re crazy, try to do it at a glance, you can touch a string in his heart.

5, smile and talk to him politely

When you need to communicate together because of work or other things, women must not be crazy ah, be sure to smile in the face, polite in the mouth, generous to talk to him, so that you are very generous and elegant.

Women seduce men’s skills, so that men can not leave you.

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