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Women have a woman’s choice of mate expectations, men have a man’s choice of mate needs, but although collectively known as men and women, different personality needs and attracted to the bright spot is not the same, but many times evaluation or men themselves, fox essence can tick off the important charm of men’s soul, fox essence is a more diverse word, can be derogatory, completely look at the evaluation of what people, then fox essence of the general characteristics of women in the end how feminine, so that men, so obsessed. Do you also have such undiscovered potential?
“How to seduce a guy physically—-can attract men, women have most of the characteristics of charm”
(1) Self-confidence
A confident woman, talk and manners pace eyes are revealed so calm and idle have their own bottom, because really can be self-sufficient, so self-confidence, rather than blind hubrogy and self-righteous pride expression.
Confident women to men are dependent on rather than dependent, not dependent on the men to give a sense of security to continue to live, self-confidence determines the cost of women’s happiness, no one does not want to live self-confidence, but no one taught us how to gain self-confidence, precisely because not every woman has the skills, will let men feel so cherished.
(2) Appropriate independence
Men are in fact the same contradictions, both want women to be self-reliance, but also afraid of too strong their own unmanageable, but for men, independence is one of the charming characteristics, not only worry, independence look really charming, such a woman will not put all their time and energy on their own, at the same time can also enjoy the good, without giving up their personal space and freedom.
(3) Be kind and take care of people
Everyone longs for someone to understand themselves, this regardless of men and women, women are more eager to be pampered, and thus often suffer from loss and thus the possibility of unreasonable trouble, men love this woman again, can love to accommodate, but can not always do her slaves and classmates, will have their own pressure, there will be their own helpless mood, so those understanding people will take care of people and can see through the man’s heart of the woman, for a man is a small fox, his heart can not be dead.
“How to seduce a guy physically—-can attract men, women have most of the characteristics of charm”
(4) Clean and tidy, well-dressed
Men are visual animals, the identification of the beautiful mind before, first of all, but also to look up to the standard line, a woman to attract men, even if there is no appearance of the city, but also at least are clean and tidy clothes, clean and beautiful women will always let men want to be closer to a few points. Have their own style of dress, never follow the flow of the East to effect, not to rely on exposure to win the eyes of the opposite sex to achieve their own attraction.
(5) Know how to support and listen
Women want to understand, men expect worship, men want to meet the partner who has been supporting themselves and willing to listen to their own voice, and women are saying you do not understand me while ignoring the needs of men, so in the men’s world, those who rarely mention their needs and are willing to listen and worship the eyes of women, there is no substitute for the important psychological position.

(6) Speak maturely and well
Simple childly expression movements, a short time may sometimes make people feel cute, but usually men like mature and reasonable women. On some occasions, the proper way of speaking will eventually get men’s favour and even awe of emotions. If a woman all day long coarse swearing, even if her face is beautiful, will let a man’s appetite can not lift the feeling and interest of love.
“How to seduce a guy physically—-can attract men, women have most of the characteristics of charm”
(7) Know how to enjoy life
Men determine the level of the family, women determine the quality of the family, so DaiYu-style women cry all day long look can not let men have the feeling of pity, but a little more abandoned, and those who are optimistic, pay attention to the details of the quality of life women will certainly be loved and cherished by men, although he is lazy, such a woman will improve their lives to a level.

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