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Adult break-up sometimes does not have to say the word break-up, from one party reduced to almost no pay when it is already a break-up, sometimes you feel that it is the other side of your cold violence actually you just do not want to admit that your feelings end to lie to yourself.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week”

Do you have the following experience: This relationship becomes your own one-man show. It’s as if you don’t take the initiative and he never comes to you, and sometimes you want to try to ignore him every three or five days, and he doesn’t come over and ask you what’s going on, what’s going on lately. He’s never been curious about you. Do you miss me? He also always loves to ignore, sometimes only reply to one or two words, sometimes simply do not reply to you. So you think about whether he’s been busy lately, he’s not working well, what’s wrong with his family, he’s a person who doesn’t like to express himself.

You gave up the girl’s original pride, you lowered the body, think relying on flattery, relying on the knot can move him, you give him happy things every day, you share your life with him every day, you think this can bring him energy, you think that day after day he will say goodbye to you, baby, I love you. Woman, don’t be silly, the fact is that he won’t look for you once, if you don’t take the initiative, he can ten days, half a month, a month or more do not take the initiative to find you, he seems to have forgotten that he has a girlfriend. He may occasionally look for you, just a little, he is not looking for you he really turned his mind but he occasionally tried to see if you really left him away, when he found that he ticked your fingers and then pounced on you, he turned cold you, and became the speaker only jumped out of a word or two, intermittently disappeared. You will suspect that he insisted on taking the initiative after a month it is not easy for him to say a lot of words to you today, but also revealed that I miss you, you think you finally have a good result. The next day it turned back to the emotionless machine.

There’s still dead silence on the other side of the screen, you’re tired, but there’s nothing you can do. Friends around you are advising you to forget it, but you still do not accept defeat, do not know where to come from the courage, you stubbornly insist, even if a hundred people say that this is not going to be the result, you also feel that you are that 101. Woman, listen to me, please lose your Virgin Heart, love to stop your pointless pay, don’t ask him why I took the heart out of your heart and lungs to you, but you do this to me, sorry, your 10 points of good in the eyes of others are worthless. And you humble every day to please him, every day to tell themselves to be happy, to pass him happy, no matter what we are still male and female friends look really ugly.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week”

You may wonder why he would respond to me and occasionally send me a message. Because it’s cheap. There is a saying that I can not like you, but I do not refuse you like me, I can not pay for you, but I do not refuse you to my good. Who can refuse the temptation to enjoy the benefits offered by others without being responsible? His occasional ticks are just a test of you, of whether you are still true to yourself, and whether you are willing to continue to please yourself. Sometimes human nature is so cheap. When he realized that he was going to lose you, he would shine back for a few days, make you feel his will, let you feel his sweetness, when you count, he knew you still can’t live without him, so he restored that I do my self, this is not playing you, this is he is using behaviour to domesticate you. If you want to stay with me, you have to accept my disregard, you have to accept that I love you most of the time, only occasionally come to tease you. Feelings are a game, your every compromise is to sign an unequal treaty with the other side, your every compromise is also telling the other side you don’t have to care about me, just let me please you.

Baby, a man’s solo play is really boring, like a stone thrown under a cliff, you can’t even hear the echo. Your pay your tolerance will not be in exchange for his heart change, will only let him more and more bully you, and he will eventually meet the woman who let him pay all the motivation to protect, then you know that the man in front of you will also be for the love impulse.

Baby, love is wrong no big deal, wive the wrong talent to meet the right as soon as possible.

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