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Men and women together in three motivations, one is because of love, one is because of sex, one is love and sex.

First of all, this is a typical Platonic love, which refers to a kind of spiritual love between people, the pursuit of spiritual communication, rejection of lust. The essence of Plato’s love is to “beauty” as the standard of love, to achieve spiritual integration and thus ignore the physical communication. Can be said to be the highest state of love, do not talk about results, only talk about pay and silent protection. This kind of love is the ideal love, but in real life, it is very rare.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-why do you ignore a man when he sleeps”

Second, many studies have shown that men are lower-body animals and that they can easily develop physiological impulses because of a woman’s appearance, thus stimulating their desire to conquer, making them mistakenly think that this is like, they enjoy only the process of conquest, to achieve this goal, they may at first all kinds of lower themselves, to meet your various unreasonable requirements. Most of these men are romantic, understand women’s expectations of love, will do some very warm things, will also prepare small surprises, until they get what they want, the number and degree will gradually decrease. 

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-why do you ignore a man when he sleeps”

Third, this one is also the most common, are both love and sex. Two people appreciate each other because of their spiritual similarity because hormones are secreted close to each other. Human ancestors first rely on the animal instinct, that is, sex, the main reason for attracting men and women to each other is hormones, you like each other unconsciously want to be intimate with each other, which is the reason for hormones.

In general, if the body has intimate contact first, then spiritual communication will be more convenient and faster. Sex is the most direct method of communication and the most fundamental reason why men and women attract each other.

Robert J. Steinberg, a social psychologist at Yale University in the United States, said he was “very Sternberg’s theory of love triangles is that love consists of three basic components: passion, intimacy, and commitment. The passion, that is, sexual drive, visibility in love can account for 1/3 of the proportion.

The student had been with her boyfriend for nearly two years but had not had sex, suggesting that the increase in emotional concentration between the two men was limited. And men’s long-term desires are not satisfied, experience the feeling of rejection, will make the mental attraction less, put more energy on the things that are not available. Over time, the sensitivity to the student’s personality attraction decreases, becoming the second type of saying, simply to satisfy the inner desire to conquer.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-why do you ignore a man when he sleeps”

And the more you don’t get, the more you want it, and the longer it lasts, the more it costs to invest, the more you want it. And once really get, the student’s long-term personality attraction is ignored, the man’s desire to conquer is satisfied, the man will feel that this woman is no more than that. So lost the driving force to chase each other before.

So how long does it take to fall in love and have a relationship?

In fact, at this point, I think everyone will have a different view.

Is not all love is to have a relationship, I think not. But one thing must be admitted, of course, you think about it when you’re in love.

If your original intention in having a relationship is to please the other person, then I hope you do not easily agree, so that even if you will regret it, the other person will not be happy, but also better than the future you will regret this choice.

I always feel that in the matter of sex, it has always happened naturally, love to the depths of each other feels appropriate and does not resist. Crucially, your ideas must be told to each other early in your relationship. Let the other person expect in mind, but also let the other person understand your approach.

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