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As someone with a normal relationship experience, I can tell you very clearly that if a man (no matter what constellation) doesn’t actively approach you for 10 and a half days or not, then there must be a problem. As for what causes, listen to my analysis. The following premises are based on the beginning of the emotional signal between you and the two of you.

Maybe you just had a fight, maybe one of your manifestations was his deadly mine, maybe… His disappearance is an accident for you is pain or uneasiness, but for him, it is an escape, a relief, a relief, so it is unlikely to make up again, unless you completely change yourself.

If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-what does it mean that he doesn’t contact you? 

This has to be combined with his current situation, such as bankruptcy, such as debt, such as off-the-go… This reason is based on a rational point of view, there is no present or even the future between you, short time can not be good together, long pain is not as good as short pain, so he chose to put you aside for the time being. For this reason, maybe wait for him to come back one day or change his form, if you are good enough to be good enough, he may still come back to you. This time you need to be calm and take a long-term view. Of course you can be accompanied in silence until he is moved by you….

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-what does it mean that he doesn’t contact you?”

In this case, his eyes only new goals, attention to the new person, naturally put you aside. At this time, you have to learn to be cold, not worth for this kind of dissident people into feelings, otherwise the pain is only your own. Let them swear to the sea, sooner or later will break up, because this kind of man is a repeat offender. A man of bad character, what do you want him to do?

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