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Perhaps every girl in the love process will feel such a process, that is, boys suddenly do not contact you, but this does not mean that he does not love you, perhaps he suddenly proud, want to use a short disappearance to test your feelings before, in short, do not think about it, maybe the reasons for the following three cases to lead to boys suddenly do not actively contact you.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-the man who doesn’t want to contact you actively is actually waiting for the three of you to show up”

1, the most real you

Quietly, without warning, the disappearance may lead to the girl’s anger, or his temporary disappearance just wants to see what you look like to him when your temper is at its worst. Isn’t it all said that a person is good to you is not how good he is to you when he is in a good mood, but how bad is it to you when he is in a bad mood? Maybe he’s trying to take the opportunity to see where he is in your heart and see what your temperament really is like. At this time, girls must stabilize themselves, do not emotional ups and downs too big, may scare you he Oh.

2, wait for you to give him an account

Nothing happens for no reason, maybe you’ve unkindly done something to make him uncomfortable, or you’ve forgotten what’s important to you, or you’ve made an appointment to do something you forgot. So the boys chose this relatively escapism way to calm down, avoid quarrels with you, but also waiting for you to give him an account. So boys have a time in the heart is also a little princess, this time you need to coax him, take the initiative to ask him what happened.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-the man who doesn’t want to contact you actively is actually waiting for the three of you to show up”

3, wait for you to take the initiative to find him

Originally every day is the boy initiative to find girls chat, greeting, but suddenly he became silent, then it may be his purpose, he just wants to verify his own position in your heart, in the end, you can also take the initiative for him once, first speak, or go directly to his home or unit to find him. The proper initiative will make boys feel that they are needed, cared for, and have a sense of accomplishment in their hearts.

In fact, boys and girls a lot like, need to be guarded, be taken care of. It is not only girls who have the right and qualifications to ask boys to do for themselves, ask men to quarrel must first apologize, ask boys just let themselves. Since you love each other, where are there so many musts and demands? The day is two people across the better, not strict requirements out, girls should also be located in the place for boys to think more, so that they also feel that they are loved, cared for, he is not happy, you will follow his mood and depression, resonance in a relationship is really important. I hope everyone can handle the emotional problem well.

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