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He doesn’t reply to your messages day and night, mainly in three situations:

He doesn’t care about you that much, he likes to just play.

He’s playing the old trick of “play hard to get” with you

He really loves you, but he is going through a major setback and hasn’t figured out what kind of attitude to face you

The difference between the two, in fact, in the daily relationship, you can see.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-do boys not return messages to girls they like all day?”

To understand a truth: a boy’s sudden loss of link, there must be traces to follow.

Scenario 1:

A boy who wants to play with you must not be sudden. But before that, he began to test your attitude and bottom line.

At first, he may not reply to you for an hour, you ask him “what’s going on”, he gave you the answer is usually “busy, something” and other perfunctory answers.

And you never know “what he’s up to, and you don’t know when he’s going to be busy.” He’s busy, there is never a sign, never in advance to say hello to you. And if you don’t ask him why he won’t come forward to explain it to you.

Then, when you begin to get used to the length of the “lost link”, he will become more and more aggressive to test you, starting with an hour, followed by a day and night, and then become silent.

If you don’t look for him, he will never come to you on his own initiative.

Does he still love you? Long ago no love, he is slowly moving out of your life.

Why didn’t he break up with Him?

It is because he does not want to assume all the responsibility for breaking up, so he will be in a “cold hiding” way, consume your patience with love, thus forcing you to take the initiative to break up.

It is clear that he does not love to come first, but he has to force and share all the responsibilities with you.

In this way, when people ask you “why break up”, he can swear that “we have no feelings, we also broke up peacefully.”


He doesn’t love you anymore, and naturally doesn’t want to be accused of “abandoning you hard”, he will create a state of disconsecence, forcing you to compromise.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-do boys not return messages to girls they like all day?”

Scenario 2:

When a boy is pursuing you, suddenly no reason to disappear day and night, the next day come back to give you enthusiasm.

So girls, don’t think too much about it, he’s imitating the old-fashioned way on the Internet.

He wants to raise your sense of crisis, he wants you to focus on his existence, so he’s going to use this to get your attention.

So you’re going to ask me, “Does that guy really like me?” ”

He may have liked the part, but definitely rose not to love. You know, like is impulse, and love is responsibility.

A boy who likes you may play tricks with you because he likes you only for sexual impulses, and behind this is to satisfy himself.

And a boy who loves you, he won’t take out the old oil bar to treat you, because he doesn’t want to tarnish his pure love. So he hardly plays with you without warning, he’s afraid you’ll worry, he’ll take care of your feelings deliberately, and he’ll try to be what you like.

So, when a boy who would have got along well disappeared day and night without warning, came back the next day without explaining to you and returned to a state of enthusiasm. There must be a problem.

Scenario 3:

A boy who really loves you, will he disappear day and night without warning?

No, but the probability is really low.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-do boys not return messages to girls they like all day?”

Women, you know, “When will boys be silent?” ”

First, when he faced the girl’s nagging, can not go, can only prick his ears to listen to the time.

Second, when a boy’s ability is not good giving girls the life they want.

The sudden disappearance here, day and night, is the second case.

A boy who really loves you, when he chooses the sudden silence, he is going through a major setback, has not thought about what kind of attitude to face you.

For example sudden unemployment, academic failure, blocking from parents, bankruptcy in the business…

Really love your boy, when he faces such a blow, he does not want to contact you, but he does not want to burden you.

In fact, boys tend to have more face than women in their relationships.

He wanted to get results and be worshipped by his partner. But when he fails, he really doesn’t have a face-to-face you, let’s not know how to tell you.

Seeing this, the girl will ask, “I am not a white-eyed wolf, he can explain the situation to me!” ”

But for most self-respecting boys, he is very broken at this time, and can not find any solution to the problem, he does not want to give you his own side of the mess, so he will hide, alone licking the wound.

Psychologically, men have cave time.

When a man is in a bad mood, he becomes tight-mouthed and keeps all his depressions in his heart. Then find a no one’s corner, drill into his own “cave”, silently discharge their inner pressure.

In this Cave Time, he prioritizes the most difficult issues at the moment, that is, he has all his mind on solving them and has no mind to deal with other emotions at all, so he doesn’t want to show you his dark side, so he needs to adjust his state to face you.

The length of a man’s “cave time” often depends on the extent to which he is hit.

When a mature and steady, weekday to your considerate boy, suddenly disappeared out of the sky day and night, this may be he is facing a major blow, he does not want to talk to you, but also want to let oneself silently bear.

So the first thing women have to do is not question and blame, but to get to know the general situation from his friends, colleagues, family, and so on, and to know “what’s going on.”

After that, if you have the ability, help him solve the problem, do not have the ability, then accompany him, but do not point fingers, blame him for wrong.

In short, remember to say gently, “It’s not your fault, you’ve done a good job, and we’re left to bear it.”

So, do you understand?

The disappearance of boys must give you something to follow.

The man who wants to break up with you, his disappearance, is just a signal to force you to model;

Want to occupy your man, his disappearance, but play hard to get the way;

But really love your man, if he has never suddenly disappeared, then you must be vigilant, mostly “he is going through a major blow.”

Don’t ask you to help him solve the problem, just ask you not to question his ability, don’t scold his fault, silently accompany him, let him know that “you are not only willing to accompany him, more willing to share the pain with him” woman.

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