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Girls’ emotional problems, at least 6 out of 10 questions are boys ignore me, do not return information, how to do? We gave an example of a simplest shopping decision to explain the emotional men why not take the initiative, but there are still a lot of girls to see when feel very happy, but in the actual situation and will not go to operate, today we will analyze, men do not take the initiative when usually how to think? This is also where many girls want to know. I’ve concluded that usually men don’t take the initiative and there are two big categories: 1, this man is a senior player. One of the techniques in emotional science is to break off interest, and when a boy chases you and discovers that you’re interested in him, he suddenly disappears after a period of contact to improve the girl.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-boys don’t return information, don’t they just don’t feel interested”

To give a simple example: Many girls are very stubborn at first, in fact, more embarrassed, shy. Although the heart likes this boy, but in many ways is also passive, if the boys from the chat frequency, chat content, reply speed, physical contact and so on feel the girl’s interest in themselves, if the boy’s further request has not been promised, senior players will choose to break off, disappear for a period of time, and so on to the girl initiative to find him, the boy will give enthusiasm to the girl feel that the boy actually cares about their impression, then meet the time, the boy’s further request, Even if girls refuse is only symbolic rejection, then boys get the emotional input of girls, but also in the relationship between the two sexes in a higher position. This is the first man not active reasons for the big category, but this situation is usually not much, girls need to be careful to deal with, when usually see who is more needed who, who is more value, who has more choice, more than the fight is hard power. 

 2) Girls do not have proper feedback on boys’ initiative. The message that boys receive is that girls don’t like me, boys think, that’s it. It’s mainly girls who make mistakes in their skill methods.

“If a guy does’n t text you for a week—-boys don’t return information, don’t they just don’t feel interested”

3) Boys did not want to find a girlfriend, is a time boring casually find a girl chat, if this girl happens to think that boys meet her taste, usually will be sentimental feel that boys like themselves, but, he just want to go shopping, casually look, just like girls like shopping and do not buy things, after a period of time will be cold, but this time girls usually do not make mistakes, mistakes are not in the female students, but the goal is different at the beginning.

4) Force the other side, release the huge pressure, let the other side want to escape.

5) Just talk to yourself and don’t pay attention to listening. In my students, found that there are dozens of such girls, thinking very jump, the whole process only care what they say, she asked the question I give answers, but do not pay attention to listen, even when I asked what I just said, completely do not know, will also be at the same time I said, interrupted me suddenly jumped to another topic, completely do not know the meaning of chat, in their view, like walking. Once the boys you’re in contact with realize you have this problem, you’re going to collapse completely and even run away. And this character of girls usually accompanied by this emergency and so on, these are depressed emotions, when men are stressed will not want to talk, just want to be lonely for a while, alone to deal with their emotions. At this time the most important thing a woman needs to do is to understand, don’t care about him, play your own, after a while, he handles his emotions, will come back to you. Different situations require different analyses.

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