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I will explain the psychological development process of boys after the break-up and how to recover.

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Most boys break up, the initiative to break up will basically follow the following progress to go, of course, the degree is not the same, such as boys leave a girl who did not like, and leaves a girl they once loved, the degree of feeling is certainly very different.

“Stages of breakup for guys—-will men regret it after a breakup?”

Stage 1 – “The Joy of Freedom”

As mentioned above, when the boy successfully left before his own unsatisfactory feelings, he regained more possible opportunities, a good tomorrow waiting for himself, in front of a large forest waiting for him to mine, this time he is most like a bird finally broke through the cage to regain freedom, feel happy and relaxed.

“Recovery Tips” So if you try to save him this time, you will become a stumbling block and a roadblock to his new life happiness, he will not be because of your infatuation and moved, on the contrary, he will hate you and hate you.

Phase 2 – “Finding New Joy”

After being freed, as a young boy, it is difficult not to want women, which has something to do with physical psychology (specific reference to the psychological Maslow needs pyramid, physiological needs and love belonging needs are basic human needs), so, don’t believe the boys break up to tell you, I want to be a person, do not want to be in love, and will not find girls, this is absolutely impossible.

However, from a large number of cases I have studied, boys tend to find it difficult to find satisfactory new girlfriends in a short period of time after a break-up.

This can be due to two reasons:

There is a saying, although vulgar but not unreasonable, called “wife is always good for others”, human nature has jealousy and greed, which makes men in love, always produce other people’s girlfriends better, their girlfriends are not good enough psychology.

Or always feel that in addition to their girlfriends like the girls outside which are good, but also very suitable for their own.

1. Boys overestimate their own charm Most boys in the case of having a girlfriend will overestimate their own charm, have a very like their girlfriend will increase men’s self-confidence, so that men feel that leaving the current girlfriend themselves is likely to easily find a better and like their own very easy.

“Stages of breakup for guys—-will men regret it after a breakup?”

But what’s the result?

The vast majority of boys break up when they really start looking for a new suitable long-term partner.

You’ll find two facts:

1. It seems that there are very few girls who can make themselves like before feel good, and now it seems that there are a lot of problems to re-examine.

2. The pursuit of their previous secret love or ambiguous girls found that it is not smooth, they are not as attractive as they thought.

Is there any possibility that boys are just finding what they really like in a short period of time?

Of course, but don’t be afraid, this is definitely a very small probability, even if temporarily like, a little longer is likely to cause problems into dissatisfaction.

Stage 3 – “Empty Loneliness”

In explaining Phase 1, I mentioned the requirements pyramid, which is explained here.

Maslow,” the representative of the famous humanist psychology school, Maslow’s view of the demand pyramid model, human needs are divided into several levels, including physiological needs, including security needs, including the needs of love and belonging, including higher levels of respect and self-realization needs, these needs are human nature, we are born as human beings need to meet their own innate needs.

So, through this diagram we know that in addition to the physiological needs (sexual needs in physiological needs boys can be resolved through a break-up or masturbation), there is a key need, “the need for belonging and love”, everyone is born to need, we need love and be loved, need intimacy and companionship.

So, when a second-stage boy tries to regain a new relationship fails or doesn’t go well, he becomes lonely and empty because of the lack of “belonging and love needs” and “physiological needs neutral needs”.

Stage 4 – “Remembering my predecessor”

At this time, after experiencing the third stage of empty loneliness anxiety, for him, in fact, want to relieve their own uneasiness and loneliness, the most advantageous and simple way is to compound with his predecessor.

Of course, at the level of consciousness, he may not really have this compound idea right away, but the subconscious will trend him to start thinking about his predecessor, and the discussion of consciousness and subconsciousness should refer to my other answers, which relate to the point of view derived from the school of psychopsychology.

As for it, he will begin to miss the past, miss his predecessor, and even begin to regret it.

Unfortunately, many sisters have screwed up before they get to this stage, losing the chance to make him miss you or delay it later.

OK, here you should know more clearly after the break-up boys will not miss girls, and when will miss, and this misses the whole progress and production process, including to recover the need to pay attention to the place.

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