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Stage 1: Excitement period

When falling in love, every man will be subject to different degrees of influence by his girlfriend, although enjoying the happiness of love, but they are also eager for freedom. So after the break-up, women will be sad and crying, but men will feel that they break free of shackles and bondage, no longer need to be careful in the feelings, by the girlfriend a hundred oppression, although the heart of the girlfriend still does not give up, the excitement of regaining freedom over the pain of love loss.

For them at this time, freedom is the most precious, leaving themselves suffocated to go no way, they have a feeling of rebirth. So in the just break up stage, Xiaoling to her boyfriend endlessly want to make a make, but the tighter she chases, the faster the boyfriend escapes. At this time a man seems very cold, but this is only the surface, their hearts are not calm and rational, just want to be separated from you, the more entangled you are, the lower the position in his heart, the greater his dissatisfaction with you. He doesn’t want you to disturb him, he doesn’t want you to drag him into the emotional vortex, he just wants to enjoy his free time as a single person, but usually, this emotion doesn’t last long, and he’ll be in the second stage soon.

“Stages of breakup for guys—-What are the three stages a man goes through after a breakup?”

The second stage: the period of reflection

After releasing himself for a period of time, the man’s mood slowly stabilized, began to review the relationship, rational thinking about the relationship broke down the cause and effect. During this period, men will be shrouded in the shadow of love loss.

Here to take me before a male student to give an example, his girlfriend is very good to him, but with the mother of everything in charge of him, to this relationship weaves a dense network, let him feel breathless, want to break up and afraid of girlfriend entanglement, enough hesitating for several months to decide on a showdown with his girlfriend. To his surprise, his girlfriend didn’t cry and beg for entanglement and didn’t even ask him why. 

“Stages of breakup for guys—-What are the three stages a man goes through after a breakup?”

When he first broke up, he was glad he got rid of his sticky girlfriend so easily, but a week later he began to sit around and think about it, and then he came to me for help:

“Teacher, I don’t know why she didn’t look for me. “She’s not such an easy person to put down, doesn’t she ever love me?” “Did I hurt her… I want to know how she’s doing. “What does it mean to send this circle of friends?” ……

The male cadet, who was enjoying the freedom to be single a few days ago, is now completely in a state of post-love anxiety. When a man enters the second stage, his feelings for his girlfriend begin to change, but everyone’s time to the second stage is different, which is also related to many external factors.

Phase III: Nostalgia period

At this stage, men will feel single life tasteless, and not as good as they think, their daily shape of a single shadow only, the heart is very lonely. At this stage, the man has released his own negative emotions almost, began to miss the days with his girlfriend, the past all kinds of good in memory recovery, he began to miss his girlfriend’s smile, his gentle care. So at this stage, the chances of a couple of compounding are more than 80%, because this is the time when a man’s compound intention is strongest. But a lot of the female cadets cried to me:

He broke up with me, I cried and asked him to compound, he didn’t agree, the more I pestered him, he became colder and colder to me.”

Unfortunately, they didn’t wait for their boyfriend to get into the third stage, and after the break-up, they did a lot of wrong things, and it got worse and worse.

We all know that the break-up is because two people in the relationship can not live together, one side to the other is really unbearable, he does not want to have any intersection with you, so, after the break-up to give men these three stages of transition time, avoid the front, so that both sides have buffer time, for the subsequent recovery to make room.

Knowing that men go through these three stages after they break up, many students will ask, “Why has my boyfriend been very emotional since the break-up, there is no sign of abating my attitude?” ”

You have to know that he is now because of the accumulation of too much disappointment to you before, you look for his compound, he does not agree, because he does not believe that you will change, do not feel that this relationship can go back to the past beautiful, also do not see the future of this relationship. You only see his current feelings, but do not care about his previous disappointments, then you have ignored what?

“Stages of breakup for guys—-What are the three stages a man goes through after a breakup?”

A relationship from sweet love to the final break-up is definitely not just because of a small matter, a disagreement, but the feelings of the contradictions continue to escalate. Everyone is unique, so the two people in the intimate relationship, because of the big and small things different ideas, conflicting differences are normal, but will not operate feelings of the girl, will be because of one thing, a disagreement repeated quarrel, in the long run, will shake the foundation of this relationship, love is very fragile, can not afford to tear, damage feelings is easy, maintenance repair is very difficult.

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