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After breaking up, you cry every day, with no appetite to eat, deeply immersed in pain, while the other side is eating, drinking and playing, free, very enjoyable.

You go to great expense to find topics to chat with, and the other person just perfunctory replies to you “yes”, or “hmm” and so on.

You tried everything you could to save him, only to find that he had deleted all the developments about you.

Infatuated but can not get the other side’s response, feel want to compound the belief instantly collapsed, once geometry when you were so sweet, he said always love you, but now disappeared in the vast sea of people.

“Stages of breakup for guys—-Understand the four emotional stages of a man’s breakup before you can effectively recover”

It’s just that your recovery is to give yourself an account and no regrets, is it?

Moreover, all the recovery is a fresh start, secondary attraction.

Besides, what you see and feel at the moment is just a superficial phenomenon, and that’s not the case.

What you need to do is dig deep into the hidden nature behind this, understand the men after the break-up, four stages of emotional process, really different stages of the heart course, do targeted recovery action.

The first stage, pretend to live well, free indulgence period

After breaking up, you can find honey to talk bitter water, your tears are the best way to vent your sorrow.

But the other person is a man, is the self-esteem of the biological species, he can not like you with crying to solve the problem, he will only:

(1) In order not to be seen to be trapped in the pain of falling in love, he will use the same way to eat, drink and play to hide.

He just wants to use his actions to let you know that breaking up will not affect him, on the face of it is very elegant and free, in fact, he is not, he is also trying to get rid of the pain of loss.

“Stages of breakup for guys—-Understand the four emotional stages of a man’s breakup before you can effectively recover”

(2) If you and the other party before the mode of coexistence problems, a series of contradictions have not been reasonably resolved, accumulated, get along with each other as if the burden of the forward, over time, will pressure the other side to gasp. 

After the break-up, the other side like a wild horse off the runaway, on a feeling: relaxed, no longer accommodate his girlfriend, no longer find a way to please his girlfriend, how to play.

At this stage, your needs and the other person’s needs are the opposite, you can not give up, want to approach, the other side just want to escape.???

So at this stage, cold treatment is needed, and calm needs to be maintained. Constant explanation, compounding, blocking and blocking these behaviours will only make the other side more disgusted with you.

In the second stage, the passion fades and fades away.

Most men after the break-up, will be because of the return to single and exuberant, of course, do not reject the new opposite sex, feel even in front of a forest waiting for their own selection.

It’s just that this passion doesn’t last long, and after a while, he’ll find that all the other opposite sexes are the same people who come to trouble, and he doesn’t have much of an advantage, and then he starts to lose.

And when he’s looking for new love, he’ll use you as a ruler, and there will usually be two extremes, one is looking for a girl of the opposite type, the other is similar to you.

But either way, he can find your shadow in Xinhua and remember the beauty of the past.

“Stages of breakup for guys—-Understand the four emotional stages of a man’s breakup before you can effectively recover”

At this time he will re-examine your feelings, will have nostalgia for you, he began to have the idea of regret breaking up.

At this stage, all you have to do is build your circle of friends, show your rich life, and be positive and optimistic.

Such as friends gathering, hard work fitness, painting, yoga and so on.

For example, external changes.

A lot of people have good faces, but they’re still divided, why? After a long time together, or “aesthetic fatigue”, or together you ignore your makeup.

Then you can change your dress, dress appropriately, and show off your radiant appearance.

For example, inner change, you can improve yourself and enrich yourself by reading, travelling, and making friends.

In general, surprise the other person with your change. Now you have a better life than before, you are not his, his sense of loss will be more serious.

The third stage, feel the pain, began nostalgia.

After the first two stages, he began to get used to a person’s life, began to experience the taste of loneliness.

That’s when he really fell in love, like you who had just been broken up.

At this stage, he began to nostalgia. He will also automatically block out previous unhappy, selective nostalgia for your good.

If you do the right thing at this stage, the success rate will be very high.

For example, puts his best in the circle of friends to show, some of the things he is interested in attracting his attention.

For example, show off your home routine and share some of your own cooking. Let him know that you are no longer the one who is full of shortcomings.

The fourth stage began to regret, have the intention to recover

After experiencing loneliness, he began to pay urgent attention to you, pay attention to each of your WeChat circle of friends, and like to interact, and even secretly spy on your news.

Next, some less direct men will contact them directly by phone, weChat, etc., or request compounding.

And those “dead face to live to suffer” men, he will only secretly pay attention to you, will not propose compound. Sweet will think that proposing compound even in the bow, eat back grass and first open, are lost the dignity of men.

Some men feel that two people’s contradictions temporarily did not find a solution, not sure whether you still love him, hesitant …

At this time, you will be timely cut in, otherwise after a period of time, slowly use the time to calm their feelings, will eventually pick up again, looking for new feelings.

What are you going to do?

For the first direct kind of man, as long as you are sure that the previous contradictions can be resolved, forgive each other from the heart, this time you have a compound intention to each other, direct consent on it.

As for the men who care about-face, twist and pinch, hesitating, you can:

(1) Send some less obvious hints on the social platform.

It can be a joke you know, or it can be some of your memories, so he will understand that you still have him in your heart.

This is you create a step for him, let him down the steps, take the initiative to contact you, express their desire to return to good.

(2) Properly trouble each other, guide the other party to pay for you.

At first, it is better to have a relatively simple little busy, for example, buy medicine, repair the computer.

Then because of his help, you can please watch a movie, and you can trouble him to buy you a bag of popcorn, so that two, he has paid for you.

He will be because of your pay, with the need for a sense of value, will find a way to save you, then, your efforts to save, it is not in vain!

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