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After the break-up, both men and women have different physiological characteristics and inner feelings, including emotional pay, the happiness standards and needs of the relationship period, and even after the break-up of the state of mind fluctuations will have different frequency and rhythm.

When a couple who love each other deeply breaks up, the man’s inner feelings will be after awareness, sadness will follow. It was not until the woman rediscovered herself and started a new life that he faced his heart and felt unable to let go. Unfortunately, however, everything has changed and it is too late to repent. Do you know what stage men go through after they break up? Let’s go into today’s men’s world and see how they feel.

“Stages of breakup for guys—-of the four stages after a male breakup, the most uncomfortable stage, you know”

Stage 1: The joy of freedom

Women’s dietary requirements are very high, coupled with his requirements for healthy eating is also very high, so men in love during the difficult to do a peace of mind, but also to accompany his girlfriend to eat shopping, as if in addition to work is around women around, live very depressed, and at this time, women not only do not know how to be grateful but also because of a little dissatisfaction, on the tantrum, really let men have a headache breathless.

So for men, the first stage of the break-up, not only will not be sad, there is a little sense of joy, is freedom and relaxation, has long lost control of the freedom of time and space, so that they feel very happy, although the immediate feelings have ended, the future will have a large forest to explore. Like a new life, I enjoy the life in front of me.

To be clear, in the bottom of a man’s heart, he has a feeling of conceit. On the one hand, he thinks women can’t live without themselves. On the other hand, he thinks there will be a better choice. So if this time wants to save each other, men will not cherish but will hate you, so even if women do not give up this relationship, this stage is not suitable for retention, because the only feeling is contempt rather than cherish.

“Stages of breakup for guys—-of the four stages after a male breakup, the most uncomfortable stage, you know”

Stage 2: Find new love again

In fact, men can not leave women, women seem to express their needs more clearly emotionally. But according to Maslow’s pyramid of human needs, physiological needs and love’s belonging needs are the basic human needs. Therefore, men can never live alone, do not fall in love, just want to stay alone.

Just out of a sense of comparison, he may not find a new love any time soon, but he will enter into various comparisons and trade-offs. Until he was ready to start a new relationship, he found some problems that he had not known before.

“Stages of breakup for guys—-of the four stages after a male breakup, the most uncomfortable stage, you know”

1. There are a lot of women who think they appreciate her, but now it seems that very few people really want to be girlfriends. In the past, women who thought they were good had a lot of problems when they really wanted to confirm their relationship.

2. When I began to pursue women who had been obsessed with me or many suitors, I found it really difficult for women to wait, and the process of pursuing them would be so torturous. Suddenly, I felt that my previous sense of superiority was fading away, and I began to realize that my real situation was not so attractive.

3. Whether the woman’s habits were good or bad, she has got used to her way of life. She has a good understanding and is easy to communicate with. Suddenly, she changed channels. Look at no one is happy, and no one is in line with the picture. It’s not easy to start over. Also suddenly found that the original woman is the same, once that woman is reasonable, the heart is still very missing.

At this stage, most women begin to adjust their emotions through self-control and force themselves to face life. If a woman is still in love, she can bubble in moderation and appear in his world, but still do not actively seek compounding.

The third stage: emptiness and loneliness

According to psychological analysis, human needs are divided into several levels, including physiological needs, security needs, love and belonging needs, but also a higher level of respect and self-realization needs. These needs are human nature, human needs to meet their internal needs.

When it comes to emptiness and loneliness, most of the time, women have started their own lives, and men are tired of long hours of freedom. After wandering around, looking for, or trying, they feel out of place with women of all shapes and colours, and a strong sense of emptiness and loneliness erodes their souls and hearts, and they begin to feel a strong sense of return. It’s not so much about missing someone, it’s about falling in love with the sense of belonging they crave, and this woman is the most direct person who can give everything.

It is said that man is an animal with lower body thinking, but man is also a kind of advanced animal. In addition to basic physiological needs, men have a key need, that is, a sense of belonging and the need for love. Everyone has an innate need, but at the same time, we also need love and be loved, we need close relationships and companionship, accompanied by people who are not individuals.

Thus, this lack and strong regression emotion come from the failure or failure of a man’s attempt to regain a new emotion in the second stage, which increases his lack of belonging and the need for love, as well as physical and neutral needs. As a result, he became restless, leading to loneliness and emptiness.

If your heart is still there, it will be the best recovery time. Even if you just need to create opportunities to connect, he will take the initiative to compound with you without presenting his or her own ideas.

Stage 4: The Nostalgia Cycle

Men are heartless, women are infatuated. On the face of it, it’s easy for women to let go of their emotions. In fact, when men go through the stage of adrift, the process of self-transformation and redemption is very difficult. So even if most women start to love each other, when they reach the stage of saving the heart of men, do not want to love, do not want to repeat the mistakes, do not want their decision to continue to have humble feelings, even if the other side began to pander to the tender attitude, will feel a compromise and compromise patience.

As a result, after three stages, men are more eager to cure their anxiety completely, and compound therapy will be the most direct and simple method. As a feeling, they will be exacerbated by miss. However, even if they try to get close to each other, try to compound, women’s hearts also cool down, and even some people began a new relationship, in fact, they can no longer go back, start over become extravagant, so the constant cycle of nostalgia has become a daily torment of men their own troubles.

There are numerous contradictions and problems in the relationship between men and women. The other person may have some problems that you couldn’t stand at the time, but no one is perfect. Over-demanding perfection is a flaw. Even if you can’t feel the same way, at least cherish what’s in front of you. Respect is necessary for communication. Don’t exaggerate the value of your charm, because you can’t leave the person who loves you, or in the eyes of others, you are nothing. Don’t wait to lose before you regret it. There is no regret medicine in the world, this is what both men and women need to know.

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