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Today teach you 4 tips to attract men and help you capture men’s hearts successfully!

“How to seduce a man into being a complete addiction to you”

1.Learn to keep your home mentality

Why is it called seducing boys, not chasing men, please first experience the difference in strength from these two words?

Seducing boys is when you stand in your own position and pick each other up;

To seduce boys, the first thing you need to be aware of is that you have to keep your rhythm throughout. What is your home ground and how do you keep your rhythm? Make a simple note:

Since it is slummy, then from the strength of the point of view, understatement do not have to work too much, do not change your daily lifestyle, the work should eat and eat, the honey party and honey party, seduce boys is just a pastime outside of your daily life.

In the process of contact, we must avoid the role of their own direction as each other’s girlfriend, to tell themselves in the heart no matter how enthusiastic he is, you are just ordinary friends.

When the relationship has not yet reached this stage, it is best to treat it as an entertaining, relaxing thing to deal with. Such a relaxed attitude, can let you in seducing boys throughout the whole process to maintain their own, and will not give both sides any pressure, but can promote the escalation of the relationship.

“How to seduce a man into being a complete addiction to you”

Many girls take love as the only career of their lives, once determined to invest in a relationship with someone, it is easy to put all their own home, mind, energy into it.

Don’t say the other person’s reaction, your input and attention, first of all, will give yourself a lot of pressure, and you are under pressure is very difficult to easily behave in the dating, so you will inevitably expose a very strong sense of need, also to the other side to convey “I want to be with you, you must give me the response I want” such a signal.

But we have to understand that the last thing we can like is to get along easily and happily, to bring ourselves a very strong sense of comfort. So want to seduce the success of boys, the first point of the most important principle is to stand on their own home, keep their own rhythm, easy to carry out communication with each other.

2. Learn to brainwash men

If you don’t brainwash, it’s easy to be passive in your relationship with men. Unless he’s a bully president, especially loves you, has a lot of money, and is especially good to you, you’ll have to think about how to manage a relationship.

First of all, in the early days of your relationship, whether you like him or not, you have to instill in men the idea that “I’m expensive, I’m not good at it.” In fact, you are telling him: if you do not show sincerity, I will not consider dealing with you.

Even if you don’t know what to say, but your behaviour and language, to push him away like this, let him think you are not good, but you will still give him a chance, but in the end, he can pass the test, the decision is in your place.

“How to seduce a man into being a complete addiction to you”

For example, do you choose a dating venue that’s an upscale or gorgeous Western restaurant, or a big street stall? Did he give you a gift that was carefully prepared, a new one you chose according to your preferences, or an old one that came back at a discount?

Of course, there is no clear line between your own worth and his ability to make money, but he has no intention of putting much effort into you.

In short, the brainwashing at this stage is focused on: I just want to be with people who are good to me, I don’t kneel and lick.

3. Learn to give men access

Look at the above one, many girls will fall into a misunderstanding, is like pretending to be cold, silently watching men one-way for us to pay.

We all want to see a man’s large investment in himself in the ambiguous stage and think that the longer the study period, the more investment the man will have on his own.

But this theory is not valid during the pursuit, you have to give positive feedback when you ask men to invest in you.

You think, if a boy in pursuit of your month, every date to invite you to a big meal, and then send you home, and give you a more elaborate gift, may also be busy at work or encounter other troubles to give you care, spend time to understand your preferences to make you happy and so on. These things put a lot of time, money and energy into him.

But if you turn him down in the end, the cost he pays in pursuing you is the “sinking cost.”

So now a lot of girls will have a doubt, how boys chase not chase? It’s because they think it’s too expensive to catch up with you, and they don’t see any of your responses to the relationship, and naturally, they’re not going to do it.

Therefore, the so-called “no-cost” pursuit mostly exists only in romantic film and television literature, the real world, we finally return just ordinary people. In real life, men are very realistic, the most afraid is to chase for half a day, money and energy have smashed a bunch into the blood.

“How to seduce a man into being a complete addiction to you”

Well, if you want to avoid this “chasing is gone” situation, you have to do is very simple – repeatedly implied that he, as long as he worked a little harder, it is very likely to catch up with you, that is, to release an available “bait” to him.

You have to make him realize that you see what he’s done to you, and you’re very aware of what he’s done to you, and he’s going to get your favour as long as he gives it to you, but at the same time, if you want to get more favours from you, you have to pay more in that direction.

Four. Learn to use interrupt methods

We all worry about things that we haven’t done yet so that we always remember something or someone in our head.

For example, if the work is not completed, you must be in the heart of the old mind, eating and sleeping are not down-to-earth, always feel something in mind. And this unfinished work will remain in your head until it becomes a done job.

For example, in other cities, if you do not care about the local attractions, eat local specialties, must have a deep memory, never forget. Until the opportunity to go again, the attractions played, specialties to eat, only then calculated this wish.

The emotional aspect is also the same, if a relationship has been stuck in the stage of secret love, or the budding stage of love, it will be deeply engraved in people’s hearts, into a period of eternal beauty.

Therefore, people always say: regret is the most memorable, first love is the most beautiful, do not get the best forever.

Therefore, in the process of dealing with men, we can also properly create some unfinished events, let him miss you.

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