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In fact, the word attraction is not casual can be used, attracting men is actually a technical job.

The attraction is to let the other person’s heart, because your language or behaviour and the heart moved, like small cat claws, gently scratched your palm, the heart is not out of the sweet, but also want to have expectations for the next time.

A lot of single sisters in the group told me that they don’t attract boys, they’re still single, they’re not happy.

“How to attract men?”

Those who love, married sisters always react with me, feeling more and more plain, two people have no passion.

In fact, in the relationship between the sexes, as long as master skills, men are very well attracted to dial. You just don’t know how to make a heartbeat to make ambiguity, to move the straight man’s heart, or to make their love more fragrant for longer. Tell everyone today how men like to be attracted, that is, how men like women to attract him.

First of all, we should be clear that this attraction should be step by step, step by step. So we have to step by step slowly implement good, then the first step is to show themselves to each other a window, that is, to show the possibility of self-display.

“How to attract men?”

This step: self-presentation

In fact, it’s very understandable. Think about why you let boys look for you, what places you can attract boys. Self-display is always your first step, this step is not done well ah, behind are blind.

In general, if you can’t meet often, the easiest way is to present yourself on an online social platform.

What’s going to happen to self-presentation? You’re going to vote for it. What men like to study in multiple exhibitions is like your common interests.

For example, men like to run, you take a selfie to put a running photo, boys like photography, you take pictures of yourself to participate in photography or their own photography, to guide him to give you comments like this is the boy’s window so that he can talk to you.

The other men are visual animals unless he is blind. Therefore, the appearance of the promotion and display is also very important.

As for demonstrating access, this is a technical job. You show too much access to do not, will let men lose the desire to conquer;

Let me give a strong example to show the possibilities.

The second step in attracting men is flirting, ambiguity, ambiguity. Flirting, it’s a technical job. The key to flirting is to arouse his desire for you. Flirting is generally the need to cooperate with language, that is, ambiguous sentences, coupled with ambiguous atmosphere, ambiguous sentences are two-way understandable sentences, vague words.

The third step is communication.

Here is the anchor, communication is actually very important. In fact, many people do not know how to communicate effectively. So you’ll ask if you know what to say to the opposite sex. In fact, the content of the communication is really not very important, because the elements of communication include: the content of the communication, communication methods and communication actions.

In terms of influence, communication accounted for 7%, the least impact, communication action, 55%, the most influential, communication methods accounted for 38%, not between the two.

Coupled with the fact that communication is now information-based, the way it communicates becomes even more important. And heart anchor is to let the boys think you are a confidant friend, and then continue to find you, then what is the heart anchor? He belongs to behaviour in conditional reflexes, which refers to “a state of emotion triggered by stimuli such as vision, smell, hearing, and feeling”.

We create anchors all the time, but some of us don’t know ourselves. For example, your date will choose a perfume flavour, the music of your special significance, etc., we did not intend to implant the heart anchor for ourselves, this process is carried out unconsciously, once the heart anchor set up successfully, as long as the future touch the stimulus, we will return to the original state.

The role of the heart anchor is to implant you directly into his subconscious, let him suddenly think of you in a moment, and so he remembers your moment more, you have been unknowingly living in his heart.

“How to attract men?”

I said these three steps should run through our entire process of attracting men, each process has such a goal, always plant a heart anchor for him. Here we will attract men three steps, generally said, I believe that we should pay more attention to the actual operation.

Here’s a detailed introduction to some of the techniques of speech. First of all, we must know that the treatment of men can only attract, can not chase! You have not heard wrong, can not chase, why can not chase? Just can’t show, can’t show good, meet difficult man, can’t even let him know, or think you like him, why do you do it? Because as long as you show that you like him and he doesn’t like you, you will be passive in the relationship between you two, which is very detrimental to progress.

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