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If the woman in life in marriage is the most annoying, the most hateful, then the third party is definitely the first choice.

A third party destroys someone else’s family and robs someone else’s husband.

“How the third party seduces a man into cheating?”

But even so, there are still plenty of men who choose to cheat.

Maybe some women are very curious, how do third parties seduce men?

To be honest, the third-party attracts men really have a set, many men are by the third party of these ghost tricks seduced to abandon the family wife and children.

1. As long as you love, don’t name

After their cheating was discovered by their wives, they wanted their wives and wives to live in peace, not to interfere with each other, and never to quarrel.

Therefore, the third party is also very good at seizing the cheating man this kind of hypocritical psychology, once the original really know the existence of the third party, they will be the first time to take the initiative to say: really?

Ever since the moment, they stepped into someone else’s home, “turning around” has never left their mind.

Therefore, they now pretend not to be named, but that does not mean that they do not want to be named in the future, they say this sentence, is only a “slow-down plan”.

Once the time is right, they’ll be more anxious than their wives.

But it is precisely such an obvious “against the heart” of the lie, enough to let the cheating man moved to a mess, to the third party care has added, but to find his wife’s various troubles, serious people will be desperate to abandon the family.

2. Let men find the feeling of first love

When a third person is with a man, he won’t discuss the price of salt sauce and vinegar tea, nor will he urge men to pay utility bills tomorrow, let than divert attention from their husbands because of the birth of their children.

“How the third party seduces a man into cheating?”

Third parties don’t see men every day, so every meeting is about showing the best of yourself.

Third parties are less like wives at home do not pay attention to the image, they will dress themselves up as charming.

A third person with a mind usually lets men see their sexiest and prettiest side.

Or birds sitting next to men to watch movies together, two people warm and romantic world, can let men find the feeling of love again.

3. Satisfy the man’s sense of existence

After marriage, two people pay less and less attention to each other, and the third party can let men find their own sense of existence so that men have a sense of need.

This is what men do not realize in family life, most men think that they are at home is a money-making machine, the others can not talk about.

The wife’s attitude towards men becomes more and more casual over time and with the increase of family members, and the emotional focus gradually shifts from the husband to the child.

As a result, men have feelings of loss and always feel neglected at home.

An extramarital woman is different, she will be a man as their own all, because, no child can spread her love.

“How the third party seduces a man into cheating?”

4. Take the initiative to invite

Go to the movies with me in the evening! Go and eat with me in the evening… These are third parties who are taking the initiative to be nice to men.

After watching the film, finished eating, the time is also very late, late at night, consciously and unconsciously went to open the room.

Although the man knew he was married, to this point, nothing happened always feel boring, so he and the third party rolled up the sheets, fell under the third party’s pomegranate skirt.

“How the third party seduces a man into cheating?”

5. Put the bed away and try to meet the needs of men

Many married men want their wives to be free in bed without being so reserved.

But most married women can’t do that, so they give a third party a chance.

The third party is very seduced by the man’s heart, once in bed, the third party becomes a very proud woman, changes all kinds of posture, try to meet the needs of men.

In the face of such a demonic sexy third party, which man can not be addicted?

The best way has never been to fight the first point of love, charge control can make men intoxicated women, with honey-wrapped killers.

What you’re sharing today isn’t about making you a third party.

After all, the third party is a creature that can’t be seen, just hoping that the wives will see the gap between themselves and those high-level third parties, to make up for their shortboard.

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