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“Men and women are like people from different planets, with different emotional needs and different ways of thinking,” he says in “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.”

Yes, psychologically, the psychological divide between men and women in love is like a species of two planets. As a result, there are often women who don’t understand what a man’s motives are.

Today, we’re going to look at men’s psychology and talk about why men become aloof when they “get it.” 

Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-Why do men lose interest when they get women 1, “the sense of unknown” is satisfied

“Mystery” is a very attractive and exploratory desire for a man, whether he is a boy or a mature man.

This “unknown desire” will give them a strong natural yearning force, driving a man to dig more.

Especially in the face of a strange woman, that kind of unknown, understanding desire, will pull a man step by step want to a woman close.

So when a man doesn’t confirm his relationship with a woman, he always has a strong curiosity about her.

For them at this time, they are nervous, frightened, equally impatient, eager.

So you’ll find that men tend to be very careful and try to please women before they pursue them.

So at this time, men are always full of enthusiasm, even if encountered some setbacks, as long as you can see hope, it will be more and more frustrating and brave.

But this state does not last. When a man’s sense of “unknown” is satisfied, the man’s enthusiasm will instinctually decrease and cool down, but this enthusiasm subsides and does not affect the continuation of the relationship between the two sides.

Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-Why do men lose interest when they get women 2, “has a sense of” the continuation

There is a special kind of “identity psychology” in psychology, that is, when a girl has sex with a boy in love, she has strong, instinctive emotional dependence.

Girls subconsciously identify with each other, which is similar to the “dependence” of sinking costs.

This dependence makes girls trust each other more, but men are different. When men pursue women, they have a strong desire to conquer, like a “hunt.”

When they get this prey, they have a sense of satisfaction. This feeling is not to love, but a man’s heart of a sense of “already get.”

When this feeling is satisfied, their desires will slowly diminish and they will show less enthusiasm than they were when they pursued each other.

At this time, the woman will feel uneasy, and then produce the mood of suffering and loss, feel that he seems to have become cold, as if not love.

In fact, that doesn’t mean men don’t love it anymore. It’s just that the contrast in men’s attitudes in this pursuit gives women the illusion. The end of a man’s desire does not represent the end of their relationship.

Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-Why do men lose interest when they get women 3, “chemical hormone” reduction

In a relationship, the love period can only last 3 months, this period of mutual happiness, excitement, every day is filled with pink bubbles, but want to maintain the effect of the love period is difficult.

Because when men and women have good feelings, they secrete dopamine and make them feel like “you’re the only one in my life” and want to be with each other every day.

Unfortunately, this chemical reaction time is long, long-term secretion will gradually paralyze, the reaction effect can only last 3 months.

Similarly, the disappearance of dopamine does not mean the disappearance of love, because when men and women go through various run-ins, they love each other, cherish each other, and integrate. At this point, the brain secretes a hormone called “brain morphine” again.

The chemical properties of morphine are very stable, it can make a love smoothly into affection, enough to accompany each other for life, the shape is not far away.

When love is disassembled into chemical reactions, you will understand more, the original experience of each other will not disappear easily, but will be transformed into more difficult feelings, love has become more justified.

Girls, do you understand why men are so cold now? In fact, you don’t have to worry about the other person’s loss. Love will eventually return to blandness.

But as long as you are always confident and know how not to give up on loving yourself, love will never leave you.

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