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Because you’re being judge and weighed. Meet the boys wavering this situation, there are confused girls, in fact, want to know: Is he like me? It’s obvious about likes and dislikes. If the boy likes you, then he and your chat enthusiasm are very normal, after the bland, maybe the enthusiasm of input did not get good feedback, and then discouraged, do not contact. It’s also a hot “can’t see the progress bar” on the Internet. If the boys don’t like you, you may meet the sea king or the old driver. Being caught on a large scale, or the old driver wanting to indulge, can make your mood swing if you leave to create a sense of mystery. It’s clear what you like and doesn’t like, and it’s obvious, and more often it’s in the middle. Like and don’t like, are just a point. Most of the time it’s a line between like and doesn’t like the two points, which is a bit of interest. Similarly, if the boy likes you very much, he won’t waver, he can’t talk to you every day, if he doesn’t like you very much, he won’t waver, at the most polite reply. If you’re a little interested, you’ll get to the trade-off stage. The reason why girls feel uncomfortable is actually biased. The order is as follows: Interred→ Boys waver→ Boys are weighing →Girls want to know the results→ The key link in accepting the order being weighed is that girls want to know the results are nothing more than what I said above, either like themselves or don’t like themselves. It’s right to know the result, but thinking too much can affect your mentality.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-Why do boys waver on a girl” 

I just said the trade-off stage, so it’s not the way to move, it’s that he’ll come to you when he needs it and thinks you’re right. Don’t come to you when you’re doing something else. The last thing that came out was wobbling. For example, you have a lot of friends, each friend contacts the moment is different. When you want to talk about career planning, looking for friends is one class, want to relax singing barbecue, looking for friends is another kind, want to talk about private matters, looking for friends are not the same. People with different needs, contact people are not the same. There may be girls who will say that I am not the same between me and him, between me and my own friends. If boys really separate you from each other, will they waver? Swinging boys, is to treat you as a friend, but in the future, there may be further relationships, but not now. You can look back on yourself the time you met the swinging boy who came to contact you. Evening a person bored lonely, need to have a heterosexual solution, so look for you; today’s project into a happy mood, need to share the joy, so find you; want to talk about a topic, just you also know about this topic, find your chat will chat more speculative, so look for you. Come to you, in fact, to meet their own needs, but not the same people, there are different circumstances, so there are different needs. Including the boys mentioned above did not contact you, but sent a circle of friends, but also because of this point. There are two sides to the trade-off: emotional: interest in you, but not like you so much. Value: There is a certain aspect of value, but you do not have to let him make up his mind directly is your value. In fact, I think this kind of boy, can not be said to be a bad man, but very self-interested. Before you weigh yourself well, especially knowing that women still like their own situation, regardless of the other side, when necessary to contact.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-Why do boys waver on a girl”

The key is to be prepared for the least possible or no result. If you can’t accept that you’re just a friend at the moment, and you don’t have to be a male or female friend in the future, then leaving stop loss now is the best way. Because the longer you go, the more you invest, and the more uncertain the outcome, the deeper it gets.

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