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First state the fact that love can be created. Robert Sternberg, an American social psychologist, put forward the theory of love, that love has three components: intimacy, passion, commitment. And the feeling of intimacy and passion can be thought of as created. Idol drama love, at first sight, a kiss in real life that is simply rare, most of the feelings in our lives are followed by the process of encounter, acquaintance, acquaintance, love. A lot of girls in life will fall into a misunderstanding, he likes me to chase me, if not then is not like me, this sentence at first glance there is nothing wrong, but can not hit a shot over a car. Sometimes his initiative may also happen to be because of boredom, loneliness, and you can be single, it is possible that he is not active because he just appreciates you, but does not reach like.

Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-Just don’t you like it if you don’t reach out 

1. Proactively create contacts. There is a saying that as long as you take the initiative, we will have a story, my so-called initiative and you understand the initiative may not be the same thing. My initiative is not frivolous, not begging, not full of demand, he is more like me gently opened a window, you can see me through this window, understand me, and thus like me.

In fact, the success rate of girls actively hook-up is really quite high, you just hold on to the three premises: their external dress-up, warm smile, smart hook-up reasons, is generally very difficult to be rejected Oh.

Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-Just don’t you like it if you don’t reach out

2. chat to show themselves, meet to promote the relationship Many girls to the end of the whole upside down, all said, the result has not seen has died in the bud.

The reason is very simple, boys naturally have a desire to conquer and explore, if he has not seen you before the matter is well known, you maintain a high frequency and density of contact every day, then you have a sense of mystery and light for him, his curiosity and desire to explore will be reduced accordingly, then the question came to him why does he want to see you? So the purpose of our chat is to show the boys, I am always lovely, from time to time understanding, to time playful, and from time to time people are elusive, to stimulate boys to want to explore you more, understand you. We girls should be a book, but also a hardcore book, people can not help but read ten pages, but also want to turn twenty pages, see the middle, but also want to know the end, has been watching. 

President Franklin D. Franklin once said, “Those who have helped you are more willing to help you than those who have helped you.” There is a principle in psychology called participatory bias, which means that we pay more attention to what we have been involved in. For example, their children are the most lovely, their own ideas are the most reliable, even their own chance to meet the stars, but also because they have seen, will pay more attention to the future, this is the psychological effect of participatory bias. So the clever girls open up their little claws to ask for help from the boys they love. But it’s also learned to turn to boys for help. The question must be his area of expertise, otherwise asking is tantamount to asking in vain. The question can not be too difficult if it is difficult for him to answer, it is really embarrassing, I guess later see you all have to take a detour. The problem can not be too idiotic, too childish problems will highlight their low IQ. Believe me, there’s going to be a little escalation in your relationship after the help. Always keep in mind that the purpose of our chat is to show themselves, to show themselves, please give up those boring topics, eat, what are you doing, delicious, awesome, off-duty, did nothing. Girls, please keep in mind that most good boys don’t spend a lot of time chatting, preferring to devote limited time to male competition, such as working, working overtime, talking about customers, promoting themselves, socializing, and so on. Because for them these things are more input-producing than they are. Boys in society more eager to realize their own value, their emotional needs are really not so strong, so girls, if you can make boys feel that with you is a valuable thing for them, there is a return on investment, then why don’t he choose you?

Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-Just don’t you like it if you don’t reach out

3. Good dating can make people fall in love at first sight My personal experience over the years is to meet the boys you like 1-2 times after the boys will have the action of promoting the relationship, or about the next meeting or direct confession. The purpose of dating is more to create mood swings for boys, to create a common experience between the two of you, and thus to bring the relationship closer together. So including the choice of dating location, post-dinner activities, dating behaviour, as well as the use of eyes, body language exercise is a big door.

Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-Just don’t you like it if you don’t reach out

4. The establishment of the relationship, guides confession. Many girls stuck in this step, two people ambiguous, every day to do what couples will do, but no name. Girl, I want to tell you, feelings are also cyclical, if you miss that cycle of establishing relationships, then boys will rationalize your relationship, there is no desire to further with you the small fire. So it has to be steady. 

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