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Doesn’t the boy take the initiative to chat with you, does that mean he’s not interested in you?

The simplest and roughest answer is: Yes!

No! Wait, it’s not that simple!

Generally speaking, if a boy is very interested in a girl, he likes this girl, will take the initiative to meet this girl, will take the initiative to contact her. If a person who is interested in you can do it for a few weeks without contacting you, it basically doesn’t exist.

So, yes, boys don’t actively contact, don’t actively chat with you, is an obvious red flag, or, more accurately, a low-interest signal. But!

Many things in the world are not necessarily black or white, but there are some gray areas.

Let’s look at these three examples, for example:

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid” 

1. Competition

He hasn’t dealt with the last relationship yet.

Or, when he met you, he already had other dates. Maybe he’s interested in you, you can attract him, but that person is his priority right now. He’s interested, but your appearance isn’t the right time. He is inconvenient.

He is too passive

Generally speaking, boys like a girl will take the initiative, but I have also seen the legendary “passive boy”, not the most common, but, there is!

If he doesn’t come to you voluntarily, however, you know he’s more introverted and, importantly, he has some indicators of interest to you (e.g. looking at you often, making him nervous when you show up in front of him, trying to get closer to you, etc.). May indicate that he is a “passive boy”, this time you can use my “hold active” method to encourage him!

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid”

He doesn’t want to lose face

Some boys, if not sure if you are interested in him, do not dare to “risk”, or do not want to face rejection.

Especially if you have a mutual friend or if you are a colleague or classmate, he may be more cautious.

Ok! In any case, the point is that a boy who doesn’t contact you can be considered an undesirable performance. Because if you are very attractive to him, he likes you very much, he would like to be with you, he will take the initiative to find you!

How do I get boys to take the initiative?

The best way is to let yourself shine, exude your charm, attract him, let him like you! 

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