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Each of us is very emotional, and his predecessor broke up is also always concerned about her dynamics, expect one day to be able to compound, want to compound with the predecessor, then the first thing we need to know is whether the ex-girlfriend to you still like you, some words compound will be very simple, the following situations are the predecessor to you and want to compound with your performance.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-signs that the ex likes you”

1, she began to interact with you on social networks (comments, likes), so re-emerged in your sight, is to attract your attention, but also to see what your attitude towards her will be, women will have such a move is the heart and you, want to compound with your performance. For a woman, this is a sign that a woman is taking the initiative, and she can’t contact you directly by phone or text message, that’s too direct.

2. Start paying attention to your situation. Ask your friends about your recent situation to see if you’re single if you’re dating another woman, worried that you’re attracted to your girl, and you’re focusing on other girls. You’ll also be following what’s happening on your FB and Whatsapp to analyze your current situation.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-signs that the ex likes you”

3, make excuses to contact you

What I left in your house, go get it, I have a problem with my cell phone, you know this, help me see it, no one to accompany me to dinner today, you have time to go with me! If an excuse like this appears once or twice is normal, more than three times if the predecessor is deliberately approaching you, then her intention is not obvious?

4, start caring about you

Whatever you care about, how have you been doing? Did you take your medicine on time? How’s Auntie doing? How’s the dog at home lately? Such words, are want to compound with your performance, according to the reason you have broken up, she has no reason to care about your affairs, she did so is to want to enter your world again.

5, other women close to you will be jealous

If you see pictures of you and other women on social networks or hear that you are close to other girls in real life, she will be very angry and uncomfortable. No way, a woman in terms of feelings is selfish, jealous words show that she still has feelings for you, to save her words will be easier.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-signs that the ex likes you”

6. Find a way to appear in your world

Whether it’s posting your own news online, chatting with your friends, or appearing in places you frequent, it’s about making you notice her, not wanting you to forget about her, and it certainly shows your feelings for her.

The above several phenomena are to show that the ex-girlfriend also likes you, as long as you take the initiative a little bit, you can re-save the predecessor.

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