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1, you still have emotions Many people in the break-up, will express more intense emotion, such as angry with you, angry, complaining, or arguing with you, blame you, and then we in the process of recovery to contact each other, to find each other, he may also appear this feeling, even if you have some not very good words and deeds, there is this possibility. But in fact, his emotions do not mean that there is no possibility between you. You may also think that he said this how harsh words, but also so disgusted with me, he should really do not love me. This is not necessarily true, because people will be in his care about the talent will produce this more intense emotion, at the same time the subconscious.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-signs of composite opportunities”

2, break up a long time or single after the break-up, he will certainly have the opposite sex around, but he has not had an affair with whom, nor clearly with whom in a start. Perhaps some people say that he is just recently busy doing other things or did not meet the right. There are a lot of people who say “don’t believe in love” after breaking up, so they don’t want to talk about it anymore. In fact, it’s probably a lie. Because the heart is always easy to be lonely, have emotional needs, it is difficult to cut off the lust. So there is only one real reason, his heart has not really put down you, temporarily unable to get out of the past with you.

3, ask about your recent situation When two people are together, most of them know each other’s, good friends. Although the two people have no contact after the break-up, he still likes you in his heart, wants to know how you are recent, he will quietly ask your mutual friends, ask you about your recent life. I think a lot of girls and boys have done this kind of thing, let mutual friends look at the former’s recent circle of friends or space dynamics, and then take a screenshot of themselves, want to know whether their predecessors lost themselves when they think of themselves, the two can be shortly to return to good. Why ask for updates? Why bother a friend to find out what’s going on with him? Why don’t you actively make friends? Why don’t you take the initiative to contact yourself? All the reasons are not because of too much love, so we are very careful because he can not let go, so that is the case. If a person really decided to forget each other, he would not ask a friend about his predecessor. Because can’t put it down, because also want to compound, so want to know your message. Two people can also come back to good, there are countless signs that you can’t put each other down.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-signs of composite opportunities”

4, the break-up did not tell anyone Many people after the break-up is always eager to announce their return to single news, because the state of love will affect their search for a new heterosexual relationship. If you’ve split your hands, but he hasn’t told anyone about your separation, his friends and family think you’re a couple. He didn’t put you down. As long as there is no public break-up news, he left you room for recovery. If you have a circle of mutual friends, he is willing to attend parties with you, do not exclude contact with your friends, do not debunk the break-up, then he may well have proposed to break up just because of a moment of anger. Recovery is the so-called hint, in fact, in some channels, you can see to leave traces that can make you perceive his mood, or chat with you when you say a word, is to indirectly tell you how I am in the state. You may be able to guess his mood when you see this information, but he won’t tell you directly what he’s going to do to make up with you, because he’s not sure what he really thinks. This is why many people mention the break-up is said “or we do not make friends first” this same words, to leave a way for themselves. At the same time, he may also observe your reaction, and he will produce a different mentality depending on your reaction. People who have played games with cats and cats know that if you run after it, it will run faster than you, and conversely, if you turn your head and turn your back on it, it will pounce on you. A lot of people suggest that after breaking up is guilty, in his expectation you will be particularly depressed sad, but in the relationship between the sexes, the weaker you are, the more he will hate you, so he out of guilt will accompany you for a while, but when you recover almost, his feelings for you have disappeared.

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