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Why does recovery always fail? After the break-up, many people are eager to save each other, the process of recovery will often call, text messages to find out the other party’s whereabouts, for fear that the other party will be dating other heterosexuals and so on. But as to save master Connor: “If this connection is fruitless, it is not helpful to us to recover, it is equal to a negative push, may be linked, the opportunity to recover is gone.” After you break up, the other side does not have to reveal his whereabouts to you, your dead-end behaviour will often make the other side think you are low value, but finally to save the other side’s love. Of course, some women know that the way to fight is not desirable, so they will learn all kinds of recovery skills online, but recovery is not a matter of day or two.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-how to recover the breakup”

In the process of recovery, only do a few things to feel that they have worked very hard to recover have not been effective, and finally gave up.

Will feel very uncomfortable, less each other around will be very uncomfortable, a person’s life makes you feel very uncomfortable. You’ll be so demanding of him that you’re crazy about trying to save each other and do all kinds of retention. A sense of need is the degree to which a person needs something or a person, which is associated with an individual’s attractiveness. If your needs for your predecessor are strong 300, proving that you are passive, you are afraid that you will not be able to continue to attract the other person. On the contrary, when you need your predecessor to a very ordinary extent, prove that your personal attractiveness is sufficient, believe that you can effectively save the other person, so the sense of need can affect a person to save the predecessor’s possibilities. The impact of a sense of need When your sense of need is high, your mind will keep flashing good memories of your predecessor and your original life, leading to extreme emotional anxiety. You’ll try everything you can to get to his side and keep an eye on things like work, place to eat, residential areas, etc. Or you’ll call the other person and want them to listen to your words. Think of yourself trying to save the other person’s heart in the form of text messages non-stop sending to the other side, as long as it is all can trigger his emotional fluctuations method you will try. You want to get the other person back through a series of bombing-style actions. But from the predecessor’s point of view, your various recovery, will only bring him great pressure, feel that you are missing him after the whole person becomes irrational thinking in general, do something similar to “madman”, let him feel afraid, let him again decide that leaving you is the right decision. Your recovery simply can not play any positive role, but let you in his heart like plummeting, even the only remaining good feelings are floating with the wind, ask him how he can feel good for you again, how to return to your side. Control your sense of need before you can gradually guide your own recovery behaviour.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-how to recover the breakup”

How can I properly reduce the sense of demand? From the moment you break up, your relationship has reached a high level of tension, and any extra moves will trigger the other person’s emotions and increase your disgust. Even if you need each other back to you, it’s unlikely to work any time soon.

After a breakup, you have a lot less contact with him than before, and you have time to do what you should do. If you really want to save each other, you should start from their own, transfer their love to save attention, focus on enhancing personal attractiveness and attractiveness, you can choose to participate in exchanges, lectures, social and other positive activities. Give yourself a high-value side to attract the other person’s attention. Improve yourself in every way. 

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-how to recover the breakup”

How do I get it back?

First, rational analysis of what went wrong after a while of pain should be rational face to themselves, analysis of this relationship in the end what is wrong. Since breaking up is a fact, we must dare to face the reality. Remember that this is not a right or wrong question, but a question that is no right or wrong. All you have to do is find out what you can’t stand; when is the other person happiest and why? When is the most painful and why?

Second, start to recognize the new opposite-sex contact some you can contact the opposite sex, and the other person to maintain a sense of contact and interaction. And the pair you choose here, you can say that you have ever had meaning, or you think you can catch up with a pair of images. But most importantly: be sure to let the pair you’ve “broken up” know about you through various channels, and let the other person know that you and the opposite sex can produce a new story at any time. How to let him know your news: 1, social dynamics, you do not contact each other, but you send photos with the opposite sex.

2, space, put all things into space, as long as you update, the other side is a great chance to get your information when the above three points are done, perhaps, the other side will suddenly find you one day, then at this time, your relationship, from here to start the reversal!

Third, do not use let him resist your action Some people are anxious to save each other, but there is no place for the other side to think, in the case of completely do not know what the other party needs, the use of some old-fashioned methods to coax the other side. For example, repeatedly promised the other side, “Believe me, I will change, I will never be way willy again, any more quarrels, no more lies.” “There’s no point in opening a blank check and not being able to make a promise, ” I’ll always love you and give me another chance! “Love isn’t just about it, it’s about acting to show how deep your love is.

At this time, no matter what the other side said, do not rebut, let the other side vent their inner dissatisfaction, for the other side’s criticism, some change, no more encouragement. Fifth, perseverance to recover the process is to take some time, do not rush to success, put too much pressure on the other side and let the other side feel entangled. But yes, that doesn’t mean disconnecting from each other. After the break-up, you can still use a relaxed greeting, simple chat, as if to restart a relationship, from nothing to have, re-catch each other to the hand, of course, there is a necessary premise, that is to change the previous mistakes, put aside those he/she can not accept, to save the possibility of love.

Four, have the courage to bear the loss of him You must understand that now you and the other party have broken up, then here do not admit this, admit, it is possible to carry out a change.

Five, how to recover lost love, only change their own value, in progress. Here I have a word to give you: the same way of life and the same life philosophy, the same life, so here first of all to “change”. Changing from all aspects, such as shape, life circle, social circle, hobby, emotional life, all these actions can help you to attract twice. If you are still dead and unrepentant and insist on what you think is the right way to recover, then the desired effect will never be there.

Sixth, cultivate a positive and optimistic attitude

In any case, if you want to save your predecessor you have to get rid of negative energy, face up to feelings, be a positive and optimistic person, then there will be unexpected effects on the recovery. “The only rule of happiness is to stay away from negative energy, to solve it when you have negative energy, to help others solve it when others have negative energy, and to stay away from him if you really can’t help it, ” said Connor. So to develop a healthy mindset, you must find something positive to do and distract yourself from breaking up. For example: to climb mountains, with friends to sing and so on, so that their mood is cheerful. Ten, look at their own wrong feelings are two people, resulting in the break-up of both sides have a certain responsibility. But now that you’ve chosen to save it, you have to look at your mistakes first. Re-examine your emotional experience, whether you have done your part in getting along with your lover, and whether you have a deficiency that the other person cannot accept

Finally, to understand each other’s needs, let their own changes become each other’s needs. “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” the book said: “Men need the form of love, including trust, acceptance, gratitude, praise, recognition, encouragement.

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