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Girls also like the signs of their predecessors, how to get her to let go of their predecessors?

If you like a girl and suspect that she hasn’t let go of her ex, this time of course it’s not recommended that you take advantage of it, or you might be complacent about someone else’s alternative. What are the signs that girls still like their predecessors? How do you get a girl to put down her ex and start slowly accepting you? Here are two questions for you to answer.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-how to get your girlfriend to let go of her ex”

First, girls also like the signs of their predecessors

(1) Save your previous contact details and chat history

If a girl is really dead about her ex and is ready to start a new relationship, she will choose to delete her ex’s contact details and delete her chat history. Because she’s afraid that these things will affect your feelings. And a girl will not care about their predecessor to retain these sad memories since the decision to break up will be divided clean. If a girl breaks up and keeps her ex’s contact details and chat history, it’s that she’s still hopeful about her ex and can’t let go.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-how to get your girlfriend to let go of her ex”

(2) Pay attention to the former’s every move

Occasionally, girls will pay attention to the spatial dynamics of their predecessors after the break-up, this is not to let go, but pure curiosity, to see how well the ex after the break-up. It’s unusual for a girl to keep an eye on her ex’s every move, which is what girls like about their predecessor.

(3) Compare you with your predecessor

If the girl although and your contact, but often mouth hanging her predecessor, you and the predecessor to compare, on the one hand, want you to do this to her good, on the other hand, also because you can not forget the predecessor, want to find the shadow of the predecessor in your body, in fact, boys are girls such treatment is really very hurt, and such a girl is not worth pursuing.

Second, girls also like the predecessor, how to let the girl put down the predecessor?

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-how to get your girlfriend to let go of her ex”

(1) If the girl just broke up with her predecessor not long, and they are still together for a long time, once feelings are still very good, a moment and a half will not forget this is very normal, if you say forget, then this person is really iron heart, no heart and lungs. This situation can only slowly give her time, in fact, forget to say not quite right, should be said to put down her predecessor.

(2) Girl since she broke up with you after contact, that in her heart you certainly still have a place worthy of her like, this time you should not complain about how she can not forget the predecessor, you should be a guide, help her forget, help her put down. At the same time, you should also know more about her, care about her, the details of life, the details of the interaction process are very important. When you think she thinks of her ex, you can be handsome, a hug, and then tell her that you will accompany her to forget the past, put down the people who should put down, you will do better than her predecessor and so on! On the other way, don’t argue with her and be angry, and don’t be silent, it’s important to show your position.

(3) Make yourself better! Make a girl think you’re better than her predecessor! Make her feel better when she’s with you! This is super important! Two people together not only to attract each other but also to help each other complement each other.

Finally, if no matter how hard you try, the signs that girls still like their predecessors haven’t changed, it just means that girls really love their predecessors, and your efforts are useless. Give yourself one more choice.

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