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Generally speaking, the real break-up type of recovery will be much more difficult to re-pursue a new lover, because of psychological factors, because when you first met, you are a brand new person, she does not know you, she does not know what your strengths and weaknesses, full of novelty. But now you’ve been together for a while, long or short, and she’s starting to look at you as a person, and you’re impressed, what’s your trait? What’s your type of life? Why do you have many factors, such as your circle of friends, and feel that they have accumulated over time, or have a psychologically stereotyped effect? Stereotyped role: That is, your image has begun to be firmly imprinted in the other person’s heart, creating a certain degree of imprint, in favour of more difficult to change, she knows you are a weak person, she knows you like to rely on her. Under the influence of stereotypes, it is often more difficult for you to make changes, which is why it is very difficult to really break up and recover. In the recovery, basically, you have to deal with:

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-get your ex back”

 1, self in each other’s hearts produced negative feelings A-E, F, G… These feelings can be difficult to erase directly because any event can have an impact.

2. At this point you have one or more competitors to compare with you, and if you haven’t done well elsewhere in the past, including making good use of my other elements of the attraction article to influence the other side, you may face a difficult problem today – unattractive, freshness has slipped, and it’s hard to compete with new competitors. If it’s because of other competitors, maybe you haven’t performed badly in the past, just because you’ve faced competition and it’s a drop in value. We’re now going to grab the wrong tricks that the average person can easily use in their recovery and make the situation even more difficult.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-get your ex back”


How do I get it back? 

First, to find out the reason for breaking up in a relationship, when your girlfriend and you break up, you do not think that the girlfriend is full of support nothing to do, the reason why the girlfriend will break up with you, there must be a reason. You never know that a girl’s mind is delicate, in like you, can accommodate your shortcomings, but you know, she also wants you in this relationship you love her and understand her needs, a good relationship is often complementary. When she has saved enough disappointment and despair in this relationship, she will naturally break up with you, so now you want to save your girlfriend, then you need to know why your girlfriend broke up with you.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-get your ex back”

Second, take the initiative to admit to her mistakes, lift the defence of your ex-girlfriend, whether you take the initiative to break up after trying to save your ex-girlfriend or be broken up to try to save your ex-girlfriend, there must be something wrong with you. The former is wrong in you do not know to cherish, the latter is wrong in you do not know how to operate love, ex-girlfriend proposed to break up.

Third, quit bad habits, do not make similar mistakes in the process of saving your ex-girlfriend, do not repeat the mistakes you made before the break-up is a key point. For example, an ex-girlfriend proposes to break up because you’re ambiguous with the opposite sex or she can’t stand one of your bad habits. If you want to save, you have to get rid of those bad habits, not wait until she comes back before you act, that is, you have to save your ex-girlfriend to come up with a chance to face her.

Fourth, find self-confidence, your personal charm will also come back to love behaviour tells us to spend time and energy on our own, re-establish self-confidence. Find a hobby for yourself, such as playing basketball, and often ask friends out to play and keep in contact with the outside world. When you start to regain your confidence and feel like you’re out of love, meeting your ex-girlfriend again makes you feel more attractive.

Fifth, when you save your girlfriend, keep the distance between them keep her at arm’s length in mind, and create the feeling of keeping at arm’s length. Save love can not be too anxious, the best way to save the ex-girlfriend is to do like in the recovery, with vague and unclear hints, and then stimulate her attention to you and reverie, in the key time, do some physical contact, as long as the other side does not resist, do not exclude, basically can save success.

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