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Ex-girlfriend can’t let go of the performance:

1. Blacken but don’t delete

Pulling black and deleting are two concepts, pulling black just don’t want to see each other’s information for the time being, but the other side still exists in your list.

You can still see him, but you don’t pay attention to his dynamics anymore.

And delete is complete can not see each other’s information, even the ID has disappeared without a trace, once the chat record no longer exists, all everything is zero.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-ex girlfriend’s performance”

La Black’s mentality is not want to break off the relationship, to each other to care for a certain amount of room.

The other side is not completely hard-hearted, do not want to let you disappear from her world so quickly. Want to give up and give up can not give up, into tangled thoughts. She just wants to be quiet for a moment, and she’ll probably add you back if she wants to understand.

2. The gift you gave was not returned 

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-ex girlfriend’s performance”

It is common to give gifts to each other during a relationship. But once the hand is divided, the gift becomes a scar, every more look will be more heartache once.

The person who completely lets go of her feelings will not keep any of the gifts you give, and those will have no meaning to her at all.

On the other hand, if she did not return, indicating that she still has a piece of space in her heart, she is reluctant to clear all the memories.

Behind each gift lies a story, and behind each story lies a mood.

You are the emotion that she has never been able to calm.

3. Revisit the places you have walked

The streets we walked through together, the snacks we ate together. Every scene, every picture, reminds her.

She tried to find your trail but found that she was now alone.

A re-visit is a kind of memorial, to commemorate the time you spent together, to commemorate the love you have had.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-ex girlfriend’s performance”

4. Get rid of the shortcomings you hate

“When a person is no longer self-centred, youth is over; when a person lives for others, he begins to mature.”

A mature relationship is not self-centred, she will take into account the other person’s feelings.

Instead of just blaming each other for their mistakes, turn to work yourself and correct your shortcomings to get your attention.

How much a woman cares about you, how much she cares about what you say, and her actions show that she loves you.

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