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For a woman, a boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is a threatening presence.

Women can’t help but be nervous, they can’t help thinking: Is my boyfriend still in love with his ex-girlfriend in the heart, and didn’t forget her?

“Ex-girlfriend angry good sign—-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend”

A woman shouldn’t be overly jealous, but don’t be unsurreponsed. After all, there are many examples of boyfriends abandoning their current and ex-girlfriends.

Here is also a reminder to women, especially if you are just beginning to socialize, please carefully observe your boyfriend there are no these 4 abnormal signs, the more, the more you have to be vigilant, early and boyfriend to deal with this problem, otherwise this is a time bomb for your long-term feelings.

“Ex-girlfriend angry good sign—-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend”

Abnormal sign one, the boyfriend will miss the mouth.

The wrong mouth, just don’t realize it blurted out.

Mouth errors are subconscious. Because the subconscious is not controlled by the conscious, and the subconscious speed will be much faster than the conscious speed, many of the innermost true thoughts, will be exposed through oral errors.

For example, the boyfriend because of the wrong name, mention the previous things, although he did not intentionally make you unhappy, you will be in a mess, which means that his subconscious has not forgotten her, will be reluctant to say things about her.

Abnormal signs two, boyfriend believe her.

Believe, is a very high evaluation, contains a very deep friendship.

According to reason, the break-up, the ex-girlfriend is good or bad has nothing to do with him, but if he heard someone say bad things about his ex-girlfriend, or you can’t help but question the ex-girlfriend to do something wrong at the time, he said “she is not such a person, I believe her”, this unconditional trust and strong support, it shows that the ex-girlfriend in his heart weight, it is likely that you can not be compared.

Imagine if you had the same thing, or if you had really had the same thing, would he have trusted you so much and stood up for you?

Imagine if you were on the opposite side with his ex-girlfriend, or if you were really in a different position, which side would he be on?

If he trusts his ex-girlfriend more than you do, then you’d better get out of the relationship early because you’re more of an outsider.

Abnormal signs three, boyfriend hide from you.

The key to the question of whether the predecessor can be a friend is that the incumbent does not allow it. If the incumbent is unhappy and strongly opposed, then for the sake of the present, should also cut ties with the predecessor.

After all, the past has passed, the present is the most important, the most should cherish.

And if your boyfriend is still in touch with his ex-girlfriend and keeps it from you, it’s not normal.

“Ex-girlfriend angry good sign—-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend”

When you find out, you ask him why there is a connection, why to hide from you, he said he is afraid of your anger to hide from you, this is to shirk responsibility, thieves shout to catch thieves.

Since he’s afraid you’re angry, it means he knows you’re against him continuing to contact his ex-girlfriend, so why fight the wind? It just means he can’t forget his ex-girlfriend.

In fact, contact with an ex-girlfriend, or even meet is not terrible, terrible is he hides from you.

It’s not appropriate to hide it from you, it’s abnormal.

Abnormal signs four, boyfriend treat her differently from others.

For some special reason, boyfriends and ex-girlfriends break up and have relationships, such as when they are colleagues, classmates, etc.

But their boyfriend treats her differently from her average friend, that is, there is a cat tired.

For example, when a friend calls, the boyfriend answers in front of you, but when an ex-girlfriend calls, he avoids you, as if there’s something you can’t hear.

If he had put it down, he wouldn’t be afraid to listen to them on the phone, and if he couldn’t forget it, he would have been humbly and overreacting, and although he claimed that his ex-girlfriend was just an ordinary friend, he didn’t treat her the way he used to.


In fact, women will mind their boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

Although after the break-up to be friends with the ex-girlfriend is the freedom of boyfriend, but if you mind, jealous, worried, he should still compromise for you, take the initiative to give up this freedom, after all, he is not short of this ordinary friend.

But if the boyfriend is dealing with his ex-girlfriend, he shows these four abnormal signs that he hasn’t forgotten her and even loves her.

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