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1. Put your thoughts together First After going through the process of breaking up, you will feel lost and heartbroken, but after spending time crying and venting, you need to organize yourself as quickly as possible. Whether external or psychological – by makeup, sports, travel and other things, hasten to regain their self-confidence, let themselves back to the original relationship to attract each other you, but also the predecessor most wants to be together. Once you re-establish your original image, it is possible for the other person to re-initiate your interest.

2. Acting as if you weren’t affected by a breakup may be difficult, but pretending to be necessary to save your predecessor. Whether you really put it down or not, you must show that you are no longer affected and no longer in pain at this breakup. It’s important to show this mentality because it doesn’t indirectly trigger the other person’s pride. Why does this avoid triggering the other person’s pride? Because you show no feeling of being hit and freeze the other person, it makes the other person curious and can’t believe you think: you really put it down and look forward. The other person will also find that he really lost a loved one, and therefore give him a thought to save you. 

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-Attract predecessors to take the initiative to compound”

3. Let the other person notice you, but don’t take the initiative to find the first step To get your predecessor to notice that you’re also important, but you have to do it in a more subtle and eclectic way. Show your confident, break-up-free side on the community software! Make a good impression on your ex and your friends and get rid of the burden of breaking up. However, you try not to take the initiative to be the first person to contact, this will only make your intentions very clear, will make the other side feel that all your actions are just to make him turn back. It makes you look bad, and that’s not what you want the other person to feel. Let him be the one who took the initiative to contact you on WeChat or call you!

4. Rekindle your friend, but don’t be too edgy. Once your ex contacted you after freezing, start talking to you. Just 儘 enjoy this chat or meet each other! Re-establish a friendship that broke down after a breakup. But don’t be too edgy. Always remember that you two are still just friends because it’s time for your predecessor to understand how important you are to his life. Let him have this thought in his head, not on you to push or convince him.

5. Do something you want to accomplish when you were together. Do what you regret not doing together, because your predecessor would have expected you to do these things with him as you did when you were together, and get along with the whole process. Seeing that you can be involved in these things certainly reminds him of why he wanted to be with you in the first place. Once it reminds him of the original feeling, coming back to you may be an option worth a try in his heart.

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-Attract predecessors to take the initiative to compound”


6. When the other side asked for another chance, the current Ren said that you want to give two people’s feelings a chance, you also want to ask the other side why this idea, ask to see his idea motivation, to make the future feelings between the two people more stable, if the other side’s motivation is you can accept, then say OK!

“Ex girlfriend angry good sign—-Attract predecessors to take the initiative to compound”

Summary: As you try to save the other person, you also need to confirm what your inner motivation is. Is it because you really love each other and this relationship? Or is it just that you feel betrayed and want to get it back because you hate it? Is it really worth re-together? Is there a future for getting along with each other? Rekindling the fire of love also means to face the troubles of the past again, if you are willing to face it again, then to recover.

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