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We long for love and warmth because we want to gain the strength and courage to move on from our partners, and we long to meet someone who truly understands us.


If we are not happy and happy in a relationship, we should decisively give up this false feeling. The beauty of love is that you can support and understand each other, and you are willing to go forward and retreat together.

So, in a woman’s eyes, what kind of man is worth dating?

“What kind of man is worth dating”

1,A responsible man


The so-called responsibility, refers to assume, assume the responsibility of tasks and so on. In the feelings, there are men who play a role, in the eyes of women full of charm. If a man encounters problems only know to escape and retreat, unwilling to take the initiative to assume the corresponding responsibilities and obligations, it means that he did not assume.


A man who really has a role to play, he will continue to improve his overall ability and quality, will help you at a critical moment. When you are in trouble, he will come forward.


The more men you have to serve, the less you will die, and the less you will be caught up in the crisis. In a relationship, if a man is not responsible, he will not take the initiative to help you when you encounter difficulties, but will continue to create trouble for you, deliberately put pressure. 


He doesn’t want to take on more responsibility because he doesn’t love you. When you ask him for help, he will make excuses and refuse.


Before you decide to socialize with a man, polish your eyes and see if he is a man who is truly responsible and responsible. If he is willing to stand for your care and can provide you with real help, then it shows that he is a reliable man, he deserves your heart and enthusiasm.


What kind of man is worth dating 2, faithful in love


If a man is not faithful in love enough in his feelings, then he can’t give you the love and happiness you want, and he can disappear from your eyes at any time.


Determining whether a man is single-payer depends on how much he values the relationship. If he knows how to cherish you, willing to care for and take care of you, then he is true love for you, he is also worth dating.


If a man said to you and did not do the same, he said love you, but the heart is thinking of others, his attitude towards feelings is neither firm nor single-minded, he then shows that he actually does not like and care about you so much, you should also stay away from him early.


A man who is truly worth dating, he will take seriously the various problems in his feelings and solve all kinds of contradictions in his feelings in a timely manner. When he decides to socialize with you, he will be very conscious of keeping a certain distance from the other opposite sex, which will give you the sense of security and belonging you really want.


Once you realize that a man doesn’t have you in his heart, or that he’s so close to you, and he’s not sincere and open about his feelings, you don’t have to pester him, you should let go early.

What kind of man is worth dating 3, gentle man


Gentleness is an inexeable quality. Your gentleness should be left to those who are truly worth dating. In love, if a man is gentle enough to you, affectionate money, indicating that he really likes and cares about you, he is worth dating.


If a man usually cares too much about you, he is never willing to treat you gently, indicating that his heart is no longer on you, he can end the relationship at any time.


When you find that a man starts to become unreasonable and always aggressive towards you, you should be acutely aware that he doesn’t really like and care about you that much, and that your feelings may have been in vain.

If a man refuses to talk to you well, he speaks with too much arrogance, he is prejudiced against you, and often humiliates and taunts you in public, it means that he doesn’t really like you that much, and he’s not worth dating. In short, before you decide to socialize with a man, you need to know whether he really likes and cares about you, whether his attitude towards you is gentle enough and firm enough, whether he treats feelings single-minded enough, and so on.


Before you want to socialize with a man, you might as well take a little more time to get to know him and be actively involved in his world. If you don’t know anything about him, don’t associate with him easily.


True good feelings are based on mutual trust and sincerity. If a man lacks the necessary trust and understanding of you, he is always half-convinced of you, he does not want to integrate into your world, and he does not want to open his heart to you, then you should not continue to love him foolishly, but should stay away from him early.


The man who loves you will not abandon you easily, but will not give up on you. Men who don’t love you will find excuses to stay away from you and be extremely impatient with you.

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