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Although women have different requirements and standards for feelings, all want to have a happy feeling, women desire to feel safe and belonging in the feelings.
It is well known that every woman longs for a sense of security in her relationship, and if a relationship makes her extremely insecure, she is likely to want to end it.
Women need to understand that the sense of security is not something a man gives you, but something you create yourself. That is to say, in feelings, men are sometimes unreliable, and in the end, you have to rely on yourself.
If you rely too much on a man, he may feel that your presence is a huge burden and burden, and he can’t help but want to get rid of your bondage.
So, emotionally, where does a woman’s sense of security come from? Generally speaking, women’s sense of security in their feelings comes mainly from these aspects.
Where does a woman’s sense of security come from 1, with independent and stable work and income 
In a woman’s relationship, if you want a real sense of security, you must first have an independent and stable job and income. Only when you remain financially independent can you be emotionally invincible.
Whether you’re single or not, women should have a relatively independent and stable job and income, whether they find an object or not. You have to have a skill, this is your ability to eat. You won’t be afraid or panicked until you have the skills and skills. No matter where you go, you won’t feel overwhelmed.
If you don’t have a stable source of income, and every penny you spend depends on men’s charity, you’ll feel insecure in your feelings. Because a man can leave you at any time, once he leaves you, you lose your financial source and your life will be in chaos.
Women have to work hard to make money and make themselves richer so that they can feel safe in your marriage. Even if you leave a man, you can still live the life you really want.
An important sign of a woman’s sense of security in her feelings is her mastery of certain economic power. If you want to control the family’s financial power, you must first have a stable source of income. You can only be emotionally independent if you remain financially independent, and you can speak with more visibility. Men will respect you more.
Where does a woman’s sense of security come from 2, with a strong psychological quality
In feelings, a woman’s sense of security comes from a strong psychological quality. Women should have a certain ability to resist pressure, your heart should be strong enough to remain brave and strong.
Only when a woman is strong enough in her heart can she face all kinds of problems and contradictions in her feelings, and you will get a great sense of security in her feelings. At the same time, because you feel safe in your feelings, your heart will be stronger. This is actually a virtuous circle.
Women in feelings, do not fantasize about by pretending to be innocent to win men’s sympathy and compassion for you, you in this way in exchange for a sense of security are extremely cheap and fragile.
You can only make your heart strong enough and confident, you become extra strong and brave, you can live in the feelings of more dignity and strength, you will get a real sense of security.
Your strong psychological quality comes from your character, from your excellent skills and your good reputation. Don’t be easily overwhelmed by the troubles and difficulties in life. No matter what difficulties you encounter, you have to bite your teeth and carry them, and you have to find a way to overcome and solve them. Only when you become stronger and more confident can you gain a real sense of security.
Where does a woman’s sense of security come from 3, make yourself irreplaceable
A woman’s sense of security comes from her core competencies, which is to make herself irreplaceable. A man is in love with you because the flash in your body can impress him. If you are nothing in your own right, you will lose competitiveness in your feelings, and men may not like you.
Women want to make themselves irreplaceable, first of all, to strengthen the ability to learn. You must persist in learning and strive to improve your comprehensive ability and quality. Secondly, you have to learn to borrow, you have to be good at learning from the good people around you.
Most importantly, you have to strive to be a better person. You can properly retain your distinct personality in your feelings, you don’t have to be full in your feelings, and you don’t just please or flatter men.
A woman’s sense of security in her relationship stems from her adherence to her true self and her firm commitment to a goal. If you lose yourself in your feelings, you can’t find your way, you don’t recognize yourself, then you will have a hard time getting a real sense of security in your feelings.
When you are no longer too dependent on a man, both materially and spiritually, you can be comfortable in your feelings, and you will have a real sense of security.
Security a kind of thing, you can not expect others to give you, but to be self-sufficient, you have to through their own efforts to create more wealth and security.

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