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For a woman, if a man really cares about you, he will want to give you more sincerity and patience, he will want to accompany you.

Sometimes, love a person does not need to say too many sweet words, just a warm hug, or a gentle look, it is better than a thousand words.

Generally speaking, men are afraid of losing you, will do this to you, women do not understand.

3 signs that men are afraid of losing you 1, for you to be swayed by the of gain and loss

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt the same way, that is, when you really like and care about someone, you may not be able to help but feel a sense of anxiety about him.

By the same to no means, if a man is afraid of losing you, he can’t help but worry about you and keep an eye on your actions.

Because he doesn’t want to lose you, he will pay special attention to your opinions and comments, and will always pay attention to your sorrows and joys. Once he realizes that you are in a bad mood, he will take the initiative to make you happy.

If a man never values you or cherishes you, he is too indifferent to you, and your presence is completely superfluous. That means he’s not worried about losing you.

The more afraid you are of losing your man, the more you will do everything possible to prove how much he loves you. For example, he will be particularly willing to spend money for you, but also willing to pay for your time and energy.

If you ignore him for a long time, or if the love he gives is never answered, he will be panicked and upset about it, and he may not be able to resist asking you, and he will want to know what you really think of him.

When you find that a man treats you like air, even if you cry in front of him, he is indifferent to all kinds of you, he feels that your sorrow has nothing to do with him, he does not want to integrate into your world, indicating that he doesn’t really care about you so much.

3 signs that men are afraid of losing you 2, love you deeply 

When a man becomes attached to you and gives up, it means that he is really afraid of losing you. When he is afraid of losing you, he will love you deeply.

Men’s love and care for you is reflected in all kinds of small details. For example, he will listen patiently to your voice, will take the initiative to help you resolve all kinds of difficulties, will give you the help you can, will feel your heartbeat with heart.

When you are with him, you can clearly feel his gentleness and affection. Even the way he looks at you is full of sincere emotion, and he will stare at you with loving eyes.

If a man does not look at you affectionately, he does not even look at you, his eyes are always looking east and west, his eyes have no love of light and temperature, indicating that he has no you in his heart.

The man who is really afraid of losing you will give you more truth and give you a lot of sincerity. On the one hand, he will give you more tolerance. On the other hand, he will also be in place for your sake, he will never deliberately embarrass you, let than scold you for no reason.

3 signs that men are afraid of losing you 3. Be obedient to you

Emotionally, if a man obeys you, he never easily refuses your request, indicating that he is really afraid of losing you.

He is willing to obey your arrangement because he really cares about you, he doesn’t want to go against your wishes, and he doesn’t want you to feel depressed and lost.

If a man is too rude and rude to you in his feelings, he is unreasonable to you, he is everywhere and you tit-for-tat, indicating that he did not put you in the eyes and heart, he is not so afraid of losing you.

The more you don’t want to lose your man, the more afraid you are too perfunctory, not to be too tough and strong on you.

Not all men are willing to fully embrace and accept you, willing to unconditionally trust and support your men, is really care about you.

If a man is totally intolerable for your shortcomings and shortcomings, he is always staring at your weaknesses, he can hardly see the flashpoints and advantages of your body, indicating that he may not like you so much, he may leave you at any time.

He may not be particularly rich, but he is willing to become stronger for you, he strives to improve his core competitiveness, desperately for you to create a happier life, and is willing to do his best to meet your wishes, he will never easily deny your dreams, will not easily reject your reasonable demands, indicating that he is really afraid of losing you.

In short, if a man really doesn’t want to lose you, he will more or less have some abnormal behaviour and behaviour.

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