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When it comes to breaking up, it’s not easy for neither of them. Whoever breaks up can be hurt. Perhaps one of the biggest questions on your mind is: Will he come back after the breakup? To be honest, it will take time to answer this question, but there are still signs that he will be back after the breakup, and you can wait and see.

Just because he didn’t make it clear that he was with you, there were signs that he was still interested in you. You can think of these signs as good luck or as a warning to do something to avoid your predecessor.

14 clear and subtle signs that he will make a comeback after the breakup.

1. He gets angry when he sees you with another man

When your predecessor once loved you, you thought you were his, and they would have a sense of territory. So if your ex happens to see you holding hands with another man and looking angry, he may regret his decision to break up with you.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-14 Signs that the ex will be back”

2. He could not be relieved

Another sign that he’ll be back after the breakup is that he’ll delay the breakup. In fact, not every break-up is decided with a clear head and clear logic. Perhaps the two men quarrelled, with one shouting to break up and the other agreeing. Of course, there’s a reason to make decisions so quickly, but when anger is over, they replace it with intimate feelings.

3.He tried to contact you

One obvious sign that he will be back after the break-up is that he is trying to get in touch with you. He’s still eager to talk to you about what’s wrong with your relationship, why he’s reacting like that, and so on. To get your attention, they will send you long text messages and e-mails. Maybe he’ll even let you know he won’t call or text again. He’s just trying to scare you, or if he finds an excuse to meet you, chances are he’ll want to come back with you. He called you and asked him when he could go to your house and get something that was still there for you, but that’s just why he saw you again.

4. He contacts you more times than you contact them

It’s a good sign that he’ll be back after the breakup (depending, of course, on whether you want to be with your ex). Although different people communicate with each other to varying degrees, it’s a good sign that your ex contacts you more often than you do with them. He has many ways to do this: by phone, by texting, by email, by showing, or by social networking. If your ex starts talking to you more, take this as a clear signal that they’re still thinking about you.

When you are the person who started contacting, make sure you have a specific reason to do so. It’s hard, but you have to do something to make him miss you and wonder why you don’t contact them often. So it will make them more connected to you.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-14 Signs that the ex will be back”

5. He always appears where you are

“Just passing by” seems to be a constant occurrence between you and your predecessor. If your ex is in the same place as you, this is a big signal that he wants to spy on you. “Accidentally” appearing in your place may also be a sign that he is jealous or regrets breaking up with you.

6. He can’t look you in the eye

It was one of the clearest signs that he would be back after the break-up.

To realize this, pay attention to your predecessor’s behaviour. You can discover a lot of things by the way your predecessor behaved. If you pay close attention to what your predecessor said and what he did, you’ll know how much he feels about you. If he can’t look you in the eye during the conversation, it may be a sign that he’s afraid of being seen how he really feels about you.

Looking into your eyes can make your ex feel ambivalent because you broke up and he still has feelings for you. If he doesn’t care about you anymore, he can easily make eye contact with you. Escape means that your predecessor either regrets letting you go or doesn’t know what to say to you. After all, if you want him back, that bodes well for you.

7. He reminds you on social media

When you log into your circle of friends or your Weibo account and see your ex-boyfriend post some memories of you together, you’ve seen him do this a few times so far.

8. The people you talk about, he’s jealous

When you’re busy breaking up and getting back to normal life, your ex will still reach out to you. And whenever you mention a man who impresses you or is special to you, he always tries to put that down. It’s another sign that he’ll be back after he breaks up.

9. He apologized for what had happened

He made mistakes in his relationship with you, and now he is fully responsible for them. After the break-up, he will confess his mistake to you and sincerely apologize. He said he was trying to be a better person. That means he wants you to forgive him for his mistakes and bring him back. Obviously, you should also pay attention to his actions and make sure they are consistent with his conversation.

10. He returned to the good times

If your ex has become the one you love – the one you loved, the one you once admired – that’s one of the signs that he’ll be back after a breakup.

A man who wants to re-build with his predecessor will try to recall the happy times in your relationship while avoiding mentioning any bad times you’ve ever had. In this way, he wants you to forget all the bad times and the reasons why you broke up in the past.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-14 Signs that the ex will be back”

11. He chats with your family and friends

When it comes to signs that he’ll be back after a breakup, this is probably one of the most obvious signs. Perhaps your ex is still chatting or making phone calls with your family or best friends to keep in touch with you indirectly. This may be a way for him to try to understand how you live after breaking up with him. If he doesn’t feel for you, he has no reason to talk to them. He wants to know who you’re dating right now, and if so, he wants to make sure you have a chance to get back together before he really starts asking you this question. He wants to fit into your own world as much as possible.

Another possible reason your predecessor is still in touch with your friends or family is that he may try to convince everyone around you, and they will eventually convince you.

12. He talks to you about his new date

This may be one of the most subtle signs that he will come back after the breakup.

If you decide to be friends with your ex, and so does he, then your conversation with him may soon be about his current relationship. If he’s in a relationship right now, and if he wants to be with you in the future, he might try to downplay the new relationship, sometimes making the new date look annoying.

13. He always comments on updates on your circle of friends

It can be displayed by likes or comments. You can post meaningless posts on your circle of friends, but your ex will still leave a message on it so you can be sure he wants you back. If a person doesn’t feel for you, he won’t devote time, effort, and energy. Of course, if his comments are strange or look like he’s jealous, that’s another story. However, he often writes positive comments.

He asked how you were doing today

If your ex keeps asking you how you’re doing today and even wants to talk to you at will, that’s one of the signs he’ll be back after breaking up. He’s still thinking about you. Your predecessor won’t care about you every day unless he feels that way. After the break-up, you still have a life to live, there are goals to complete, and the future to consider, he is the same. But if you find that he often tries to contact you just to ask some innocent questions about your day, you can be sure he wants you back.

So to answer your question about whether he will come back after the breakup, we really can’t answer that question, but hopefully, these 14 clear and hopeful signs that he will come back after the breakup to help you find some.

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