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Those who love you, no matter what kind of tests and setbacks your feelings will face, he will not give up you easily but stand firm behind you, become your strong pillar and rely on.

If a person does not have you in his heart, he will not pay for your love and sincerity, but will find all kinds of excuses to deliberately alienate and snub you, he will keep making trouble for you, and even set a variety of traps for you.

If you can hardly feel any temperature or warmth from a man who is perfunctory and indifferent to you, you don’t have to be in love with him anymore, but you should let go early.

3 signs that he doesn’t love you 1. Avoid you on purpose as soon as you see you

When a man doesn’t love you, he may try to avoid being on the same occasion as you. Because he doesn’t love you at all, he doesn’t bother to talk to you and will keep reducing the number of times and opportunities he sees you.

If a man no longer loves you, he is full of disgust with you, he will be farther and farther away from you. Instead of taking the initiative to care for you, he will keep pouring cold water on you. When everyone questions your ability, doubts your character, he will not come forward to help you, will not explain to others, but deliberately avoid and alienate you.

Imagine if you really loved someone, would you bear to be snubbed and ignored for a long time? By the same to no resentment, if a man really cares about you, he will not deliberately avoid you but will cherish the opportunity to spend time alone with you.

As long as he can be with you, no matter what you let him do, he has no regrets, will be willing to give you everything.

Because he really loves you, he is willing to give you all the love and sincerity. Only when he no longer loves you will he turn a blind eye to you. Especially if you lose your value, or when you fall into a low point in your life, he may not hesitate to leave you.

3 signs that he doesn’t love you 2, talk without emotion and temperature

When a man no longer loves you, he may be all kinds of cynicism about you, talking without temperature or emotion.

In fact, a man does not really love you, from the details of what he and you talk to can be seen. A man who truly loves and cares about you, when he speaks to you, pays attention to the tone and manner in which he speaks.

On the one hand, he will communicate with you in a gentle tone. On the other hand, he will try to think from your standpoint. When you disagree, he will listen patiently to your voice and fully respect your opinion.

Even if he may not be in a way to understand your ideas, for the time being, he will not deny you out of it, let even speak out against you. Instead, he will calm himself down and treat you gently.

Because he loves you, he can’t bear to say something particularly cold and heartless to you. If a man talks to you too harshly, indifferently, and without human touch, he may not love you.

A man who truly loves you will not easily demean and deny you but will comfort you with warm words and soothe your wounded heart with a voice full of emotion.

3 signs that he doesn’t love you 3, refused to talk to you 

Determining whether a man really loves you depends on whether he is sincere and frank enough with you.

If a man refuses to talk to you from start to finish, he likes to hide in his heart in any way, and he is too cold and cold in front of you, indicating that he may not love you so much.

The more you really love your man, the more you can’t help but open your heart and speak freely.

Because he always can’t let go of you, so he is willing to say something to you, he is also willing to take the initiative to share with you the heart of sorrow and joy.

If you can’t see any expression on a man’s face, and his successes and failures don’t want to share with you, he’s always silent, keeping you out of the way and being cold to you, then nine out of ten means he doesn’t love you.

It is because he no longer loves you that he becomes quieter and more introverted to you. Your presence has no meaning or value to him, and he can’t help you from him as far away as possible.

I do not know whether you have had the same feelings and experiences, that is, when you really like a person, you will be particularly lively and cheerful in front of him, you may not be able to hide things. No matter what happens, you’ll want to share it with him for the first time.

If he really loves you, he will want to integrate into your world, will be willing to share with you the little bits of his life. He may not want to be seen as vulnerable and helpless, but he doesn’t mind letting you see his weak side.

Because he loves you, he won’t hide his past and present from you. Only when he doesn’t love you will he become more and more mysterious and elusive.

In short, if a man does not love you, he will more or less have some more abnormal behaviour or behaviour.

For example, he may no longer take the initiative to share his thoughts with you, and he will not speak his mind to you easily. He doesn’t want to let you into his inner world because he doesn’t have you in his heart anymore.

A man who truly loves you will neither deliberately snubbed you nor interfere too much in your life, and will fully respect your wishes and decisions.

Because he loves you, he is willing to silently give you all the love and gentleness. Because he can’t bear to leave you, he will cherish your time alone, will always silently cheer you on. When you need him, he’ll be there for the first time.

Once you realize that a man starts to care about you, perfunctory, and he doesn’t even lie to you, you don’t have to have any expectations or fantasies about him, you should end this false relationship early.

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