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We aspire to a stable and long-lasting relationship because we want to feel safe and belonging and not want to spend the rest of our lives alone.

There is no way to force feelings. When you are all ready to meet a relationship, and this relationship is not suitable for you, you can only choose to let go.

For a woman, if a man really loves you, he will give you all he can and will give you. When he is in love, he will glow and heat for you in silence and will try to meet your various wishes and needs.

Generally speaking, when a man wants to leave you, these signs tend to appear.

3 signs that boys want to leave you 1, refused to spend heart to chat with you

Chatting is a way to improve your feelings. To judge whether a man really suits you depends on whether you can talk about it. If he won’t spend time chatting with you, chat with you, perfunctory, indicating that he may want to leave you.

When a man changes his mind about leaving you, he becomes more and more strange. On the one hand, he does not want to be nice to you, refused to open up to you, what things like to hide in the heart, you are difficult to integrate into his life.

On the other hand, when you take the initiative to find him to share your life, joy and sorrow, he may find various excuses to refuse to chat with you. Or he’ll end your conversation early. Because he doesn’t love you, he doesn’t want to waste time talking to you.

If a man is too silent to you when he is with you, it means that his heart is locked on you, it is difficult for you to knock on his heart.When you find that a man refuses to prick his ears and listen to you carefully, he is not interested in the topic you are talking about, he is not willing to talk to you about the topic of interest, you chat together is always cold, mostly means that he wants to leave you.

3 signs that boys want to leave you 2. Don’t want to get along with you every day

Feelings need to be cultivated slowly. In addition to chatting can enhance feelings, you also need to meet often, preferably for a period of time together.

When a man really wants to be with you, he will not deliberately alienate you, not to leave you for a long time, but to find ways to shorten and close the distance between you.

Only when he wants to leave you will he and you all fade away. Because his heart is no longer on you, he doesn’t want to see you at all. Every time I meet you, it’s an invisible pressure on him. When you realize that he is no longer enthusiastic about you, he can not even give you the least tenderness and sincerity, his attitude towards you is becoming colder and colder, the distance between you and him is becoming more and more distant, you should understand that he may want to leave you, he no longer loves you.

3 signs that boys want to leave you 3. Don’t care about your affairs 

Two people together should know how to care for each other. When a man wants to leave you, he may not really care about you, but become more and more cold and cold.

When a man no longer cares about the warmth of your life and refuses to help you solve all kinds of troubles and problems, his indifference to your affairs mostly means that he wants to leave you, your feelings have come to an end.

If a man says he loves you but never treats you with his heart, it means that he may not love you, he may leave you alone at any time.

The best way to love a person, in addition to companionship, is to give each other as much help as they can. When you fall into the trough of life, he is willing to pull you, to show that he is true love for you. If he refuses to lend you a helping hand but falls to you, then it is clear that he is not true love for you, he has long wanted to leave you.

In short, if a man wants to leave you, there will inevitably be some more obvious signs.

For example, he may become increasingly impatient with you.

Everyone’s time and energy are limited. When he is willing to spend a lot of time and energy with you, only to see you every day, he will feel at ease and down-to-earth, indicating that he is really inseparable from you.

Of course, no matter how much you love each other, you should pay attention to keeping the right distance. If a man interferes too much in your life, or if he relies too much on you, and his presence becomes your burden, then he may not really love you.

When you realize that he no longer loves you and wants to leave you, you should let go early. If you know that he wants to break up with you, and you are not willing to give up on him, entanglement, he will be more contempt for you, will accelerate the pace of leaving you.

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