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Good love is like a broken bamboo, tough, but also resilient. It can always be in the wind and rain, with the wind swaying, never die.

Women always want to harvest a beautiful love, but often in getting along, can not find a good way, can not let men love themselves more, can not let love grow.

To run love, women need to learn to use wisdom.

Qing Huan said: “Love is the best landing point of deconstructionism, is anti-rational anti-construction, and therefore is the truest and beautiful, happiness or happiness of this nihilistic thing, there has never been a shortcut, there is no perfection, only business, only rely on sincerity.”

“Do guys find vulnerability attractive and learn to be vulnerable”

There is no happy love, not hard to operate. Want to harvest good love, just like in the next game of chess, up and down, all need to think carefully.

It is like a quarrel between lovers, at first quarrelling, a smart woman finally petite, deliberately pretend to be poor, bowed to each other a step, also turned over.

Women, want to maintain love, want to inspire men to love you for a long time, we must learn to pretend to be “fragile”, pretend to be “weak”.

2 Ability, learn to pretend to be “vulnerable” to stimulate a man’s sense of existence

Unless it is a very good and excellent man, the general normal man will not like the strong woman this kind of, the man’s momentum is pressed down, as a man’s vanity can not be satisfied, will also feel very lost.

Women want to inspire men to love you for a long time, they must understand the ability to pretend to be “vulnerable”, to stimulate a man’s sense of existence.

“Do guys find vulnerability attractive and learn to be vulnerable”

A wise woman will learn to hold her back because she knows that the other side is a lover, not her own.

It would be wrong for a woman everywhere to want to show her strength and prove her excellence.

A man will appreciate a capable woman, but if he does, he will find it boring and feel that, by contrast, he is not as good as a woman, and over time, self-esteem will be hit.

Smart woman, inability, will let the man reflect his sense of value, reflect his sense of existence.

Why usually can carry a bag of rice woman, surrounded by a favourite man will be too small to even open the cap. Some people may feel sentimental, but as a man, they are really willing to serve.

Whether in life or at work, a woman’s “vulnerability” reflects a man’s sense of value and presence, which often can make a man long-term love.

3 punctuality, learn to pretend to be “vulnerable” to stimulate a man’s desire for protection

Men have a natural desire to protect women, they want to be in the eyes of their loved ones, can solve everything hero, in their side can be down-to-earth peace of mind, to get a sense of security.

Punctuality, smart women, know how to pretend to be vulnerable. Because they know how to pinch a man’s mind, learn to pretend to be “vulnerable”, stimulate men’s desire for protection.

In the process of getting along, if a woman is “weak” or “vulnerable”, often men because of love and let themselves learn to grow faster, learn how to protect the loved ones, learn how to protect her.

Women learn to pretend to be “vulnerable” and make men stronger.

A woman’s vulnerability catalyzes a man’s strength. Because men have in their hearts want to really guard the people, will do their best to keep.

Women need to take care of, because of the weak wind, because she can not take good care of themselves, so always let the man for her to worry about the belly, worried about her bad life.

Punctuality, women know how to pretend to be “vulnerable”, can meet the protection of men, but also can let men learn to grow, make themselves stronger, protect the beloved woman.

4 In life, learn to pretend to be “vulnerable” and stimulate the growth rate of men

Love is always easy for women to lose their way. With love, more will be around men, love people as the center.

Because too much love cares too much, can’t help but want to give him all the care. And pay, may lead to men do not cherish, or men do not act.

A better way to run love is to let a man have a sense of responsibility, a sense of responsibility, let him participate in life and family. Let men perceive women’s difficulties, love you men will vote peach Lee, motivate themselves to progress.

Smart woman, know how to pretend to be “vulnerable”, let the man carry his responsibilities and responsibilities.

Women learn to pretend to be “vulnerable” and men will shoulder their responsibilities and responsibilities.

In life, women do nothing to deal with, do not carry on their own, pretend to be “fragile”, put some responsibilities and responsibilities to men, but can make men grow up quickly.

The best way to hope that a man can progress is to make him aware of his responsibilities and responsibilities as a man. Women know how to pretend to be “vulnerable” is the best catalyst.


In love, do not need women to deliberately succeed, stop everything, so that only let their hearts, love will gradually change the taste, do not experience the joy of love.

Women, inspire men to love you for a long time the way, learn to pretend to be “vulnerable.”

Because your “vulnerability” will make a man’s protection want to burst the shed, because your “vulnerability”, will let the man urge himself to forge ahead, give you more well-thought-out love, because your “vulnerability”, will want him to protect your ideas for the rest of his life.

Women are not the stronger the better but know how to pretend to be “vulnerable” and get more love and care from men.

In the process of getting along, if you have to be higher or lower, often the last two defeats. How to win, the last thing you lose maybe a man’s heart. Eventually, the two men drifted away.

When women get along with men, don’t show themselves too “strong”, learn to do a “petite drop” flowers, so that men this big umbrella for their own shelter from the rain, your love will be more happy, sweet.

Bamboo because they know how to sway with the wind, pretend to be fragile, only to live a tough life. Women are strong again, will also want a warm embrace of the moment, know how to pretend “fragile”, to get the blessing of men.

In love, learn to properly pretend to be “vulnerable”, so that men love you more deeply, so that love shows the way you like.

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