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Do you like yourself? This problem with age, we are the world’s interpersonal relationships, began to doubt what kind of person they are, began to gradually arm themselves, to find a way to make themselves a strong and brave person.

Nathaniel Lambert, a professor of American psychology, notes the importance of accepting yourself, and the more you can accept yourself when you can fully accept your differences with yourself, the more others in your life will accept you. That is, when they accept themselves, from the bottom of their hearts to identify with themselves, this happy energy like a magnet, so that the people around you are gradually attracted to you.

“Do guys find vulnerability attractive and the advantage of vulnerability”

But what do we do when we really can’t accept ourselves? Think about the benefits of vulnerability! What’s wrong with being a “vulnerable person”? Here are 6 of the advantages of vulnerable people.

1. Learn to accept the traits that make you different

No need to pretend to be strong, it means you can throw away that unnecessary baggage, you can accept that you are different from others, you can feel comfortable showing your weird side, you can be yourself with confidence. The personality traits that make you “embarrassed” are, in fact, the important qualities that make you “who you are”.

2. You will live in peace with the bad memories of the past

Is it easier to accept memories of past failures now by removing your rigid mask? Maybe with the likes of the opposite sex without the disease, maybe the cause upload floating, accept these bad memories than to hide their hearts more comfortable. Everyone has memories of their own regrets, if life is not regretful, how boring ah? Think of them as valuable philosophy lessons in life, and it is best to learn from experience and not repeat the mistakes of the past. 

3. You will attract the “right people” into your life

Your fragile qualities show your true personality. It also attracts people who are really attracted to you, not those who are deceived by your armed mask. Whether you are a friend or a lover, it is the best thing in the world that you can meet them openly. You don’t have to think about words, you express your feelings in the most comfortable way. Not everyone around you can accept it, but at least staying with you is the most important person.

4. You will strengthen the emotional connection with your other half

Showing your fragile side strengthens your emotional connection to your partner. He doesn’t have to guess if you’re really okay or if you’re talking. He can know your difficulties without guessing your body language or mind-reading skills. This trait makes you both more relaxed and able to understand each other’s true side. Of course, showing weakness is not unreasonable, but on the other side can accept the scope, say their own difficulties and troubles, let him know you a little more.

“Do guys find vulnerability attractive and the advantage of vulnerability”

5. You are more able to appreciate the difficulties of others

Fragile traits reinforce your sense of commonality precisely because we are too sensitive to our own pain, we are vulnerable and vulnerable, but we also know best what it’s like to be hurt, whether it’s emotional or workplace disturbances, “vulnerable people” are more able to see the details and be considerate than the average person.

6. In the eyes of others, it is more human

When you first meet someone, if he’s too elegant or flawless, he’s hard to get close to. On the contrary, if he is slightly clumsy and makes a small mistake, he feels more likely to get close. “Fragile” this trait is the same, do not be so strong, between friends and lovers, but better to get along! The point is not to be patted everywhere, but to show that you are just an ordinary person, have their own persistence of things, but also can not stand, want to show weakness.

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