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When it comes to marriage, when it comes to intimacy, it always moves me.

“All I often think about is an obligation, or the guilt I feel if I leave like this. Think of it this way, nasty John, nasty God, he’s become the one I love in my life, he’s just sick now. I thought of him as the one I loved so much, and I became the one who loved him. ”

This is Alicia’s most moving passage in the movie Beautiful Mind.

But in an ordinary marriage, I still try and work hard to maintain an intimate relationship.

In my daily routine, I’ve found the following ways to make our relationships better and better.

Let him say.

As the relationship progresses, we often have two rude responses when our partner begins to express them.

“Relationship riddles—-the secret to improving intimacy”

One is to understand the other person, arbitrarily interrupt the conversation, its unsealed views to speculate, and the fact is often the other side did not think so. 

The second is to ignore each other’s feelings, habitually transfer the topic to their own body.

Both responses reduce the other’s desire to talk. In the long run, you’ll probably find that a good partner who was once dynamic is becoming a “carcasses teammate” who his cell phone.

If there is no urgent matter, please let him finish, and timely ask, how were you feeling?

After experimentation, this inquiry has the magic of promoting communication between the two sides.

2. Emotional foreshadowing

Everyone has negative emotions, and when faced with people close to them, emotions tend to pour out the most.

The best thing to do is to say to the other person when you realize the emotion is coming, I want to be angry now, you stay away from me.

For emotional friends, this trick is how useful it is.

A little emotional partner will understand the subtext of this sentence is, I hope you know, although I am trapped in negative emotions, still avoid hurting our relationship.

“Relationship riddles—-the secret to improving intimacy”

3. Quarrel funny suspension method

Get along for a long time, there will be times when you look at each other unhappy. This trick was actually learned from Mr. Every time I say, I’ve been looking at you lately, he tends to say, I think you’re fine. The point is that you should go back calmly with the opposite attitude.

Even if you want to use the name of provocation to vent their feelings, hear this answer, do not want to make it unreasonable.

4. Have a good time before bed

Experiments have shown that having a good time before bed increases your feelings about your partner.

So another trick to improving intimacy is to make him laugh before bed every night.

“Relationship riddles—-the secret to improving intimacy”

yes, it’s as simple as that.

See here, you may have found that all but the last one are actually common techniques in interpersonal communication.

How to say, even if it is intimate, to gain respect, is still everyone’s heart’s most fervent desire.

With wisdom in the relationship to express respect for themselves, the other side, this is to enhance the feelings of the ever-winning method. 

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