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When you can establish a relationship depends on what stage you have reached, what kind of relationship you want to establish, whether it is a male-female relationship or a male-female relationship. Some people are faster, just a few weeks, some people take months. The complete relationship process is roughly divided into three stages, each of which is a step, and the relationship upgrade is like a step up. When your relationship reaches the tipping point of escalation and has the characteristics, there are techniques to speed up “to the next level.”

“Relationship riddles—-How long can a relationship be established”

Step 1: Good feeling→ couple relationship upgrade tipping point of recognition: the cumulative number of effective meetings reached about 10 times, the atmosphere on the appointment is good. Daily contact frequency is high, WeChat replies faster (except for busy, asleep and other special circumstances, usually within 10 minutes back). The chat state is smooth, natural and stress-free; the chat content is extensive and gradually involves emotional topics; the statement does not shy away from subjective feelings and emotional expressions – today’s mood is not good; curiosity, concern for each other’s life dynamics, there is interaction in the online dynamics. When ordering a date, don’t say “casual”, don’t hide what you love to eat, hate what you hate. If the relationship goes well, the above situation will probably occur within 1-3 months of the relationship, when the conditions for progress to the second stage (couple relationship) are basically in place. But this stage of contact and understanding is limited after all, but also the most unstable period, the relationship may be pressed by one party delete key at any time. Therefore, there is no need to rush to verbally clarify the relationship, not necessarily to be able to match the identity of the lover, as long as the degree of good feeling does not decline OK. At this time steady is greater than everything else, to have a rhythmical step by step, even if a little slower is fine.

“Relationship riddles—-How long can a relationship be established”

Step 2: Couples → the critical point of relationship escalation:

There is no need to upgrade deliberately anymore, and over time, it will naturally transition to the next stage. Normal interaction for about 6 months, each other have a relatively much understanding, but not very understanding, familiarity and freshness are more balanced. Familiarity gives each other peace of mind, and freshness makes both sides attractive at their peak. At this delicate node proposed to upgrade the relationship, the will of both sides is the strongest, easy to meet at once. By the time you know the roots, freshness, desire to explore, and hormones are a little tired, the willingness to upgrade may not be so strong. Step 3: Marriage object. Identification of relationship escalation thresholds: Willing to meet your family and relatives, including distant relatives. The topic has more thinking and planning for the future, even to what brand of bed you plan to buy. The grade of the meal is more casual, don’t mind the small restaurant. There have been conceptual conflicts, occasional quarrels and the cold war, but peace will soon be restored. The above situation probably occurs within 6-12 months of the interaction, of which the article “conflict of contradictions” is the core basis. Being able to successfully step up the first two steps shows that the emotional experience is generally positive and enjoyable and that even if there is a conflict, it is mostly a matter of daily chores and habits. When the two sides achieve a balance between attack, defence, compromise, and acceptance, they can enter a truly steady state. If the focus of the first two stages is to seek commonality, then the point of this stage is to save differences. When you live in peace with differences, you can consider escalating your marriage.

“Relationship riddles—-How long can a relationship be established”

Second, the basic law of relationship upgrading: psychological association and physical contact To upgrade the relationship must have the psychological link and physical contact, the two can be synchronized, but the general logic is: shallow psychological link – middle, psychological link – physical contact – deep psychological link. Physical contact should be gentle and gradual, and psychological associations are adequately paved.

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