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A “pure” friendship between a man and a woman can exist in a situation that is mutually agreeable, but can become more unstable in some cases due to general sexual attraction. Before we can answer this question from a scientific point of view, we need to understand what “friendship of the opposite sex” is. Psychology defines heterosexual friendship as a social relationship and emotional relationship between the opposite sex due to close social interaction. Heterosexual friendship from adolescence, will run through a person’s life, but also to a certain extent reflects the healthy development of the individual. But it is clear that in a society where heterosexuality is still more common, because of the gender differences between the two parties, the parties called “pure heterosexual friendship” is always a lot to think about, this kind of friends above, lovers under the relationship caused others gossip, but also to the parties brought a lot of trouble.

“Relationship riddle—-Is there a pure friendship between men and women?”

First, there is a general sexual attraction in heterosexual friendships. According to a survey of American college students, about 60 percent admit to being attracted to sex from friends of the opposite sex, as do Chinese college students, who often feel “unresgiving good feelings” in heterosexual friendships; Not only do we have the opportunity to learn from the opposite sex, but heterosexual friendships also help us approach the opposite sex and gain the same attitudes and perspectives; Men and women also have different attitudes towards heterosexual friendships. Men are more likely to view heterosexual friends as potential sexual partners or partners, but women, on the contrary, prefer friendships that provide protection and resources rather than sex.

So here’s the question: Will heterosexual friendships develop into romantic relationships? A: It depends on the state of the relationship between the opposite sex. Psychologists such as Dainion divide the relationship state of heterosexual friendship into four categories: first: both parties have a desire to further develop The individual believes that both parties want to develop the friendship into a romantic relationship; Individuals find that they want to develop a relationship, but they don’t want to. Parties to heterosexual friendships adjust their behavior in heterosexual friendships according to what they think is the state of the relationship. If a party wants to develop a friendship into a relationship, a higher level of maintenance is usually used. They may express more affection and praise, or even flirt, but if one party wants to maintain the status quo of a friendship, they will avoid flirting with the other and develop the relationship into a lover. Wouldn’t it be difficult to maintain a friendship between the opposite sex?

“Relationship riddle—-Is there a pure friendship between men and women?”


Avoid intimate behaviors such as flirting. But in the face of physical attraction and outside criticism, many heterosexual friendships remain. than these two:

Strong sexual attraction.” When one party wants to have further intimate contact with the other, such as hugging, such as kissing, we recognize this as a way to further develop the relationship; When your heterosexual friends approach others, if you feel sad to be ignored by the opposite sex, or even cynicism or language attacks on friends of the opposite sex, your feelings are likely to heat up; When two people want to get along without being disturbed by others, for a while without contact will miss each other, the relationship between the two people gradually tilted toward the side of love; When one or both parties have the intention to change direction towards the lover, but for fear of destroying the current friendship and dare not make a clear statement, or the two sides usually act in a warm manner, easy to cause misunderstanding of others, your relationship may have been biased towards love.

“Relationship riddle—-Is there a pure friendship between men and women?”

Maybe we don’t care if there’s a pure friendship between a man and a woman, we’re concerned about whether the one around us is sincere.” After all, everyone is lonely. ”

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