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Threesaning, neither loss, but also enjoy, why divorce?

First of all, the first question: Many men even if the family is tired, have a lover outside, but when it comes to divorce they still do not want, why? In the case of cheating, the threading is almost the ideal state for most people, marriage is different from love. In the beginning, two people are not easy to form this family, if divorced, they will inevitably have a loss ah. But those who cheat, can lose their families, cheat people, also do not often repeated, entanglement, regret.

This is also why many people cheat, will not be the first time to consider the reason for divorce, divorce means loss, people are born to hate loss. This is true of the cheaters, and so are those who are cheated. Step back ten thousand said, if a man cheated, before the derailment he also paid for the family, the construction of the family itself also invested in this, no matter what the purpose of finding a third party, divorce to themselves is a loss, their own bow to admit a mistake, can pull back the loss, why divorce?

“I miss my affair partner so much—Why don’t men want to divorce even if they have an affair?”

First question: Who is more important to a wife and lover in the end? Most men, after cheating or to maintain reasonably, unless the value of a third party exceeds the original, otherwise, he will not easily divorce, divorce and division of property, after all, in the monogamous system, looking for a lover is their own wrong thing to do.

If the third party had money and power to help his career, he would have chosen to divorce. Why? Because cheating is a manifestation of extreme selfishness, a man cheating, his heart still pretends you? He’s the only one, so how can he resist the temptation, since a third party can help him? So the answer is obvious, since the cheating, still love you? In the end, it’s all about weighing the pros and cons.

Second question: What does a third-party mean to men? There are many schools of social psychology, in e. In Allenson’s book, Social Animals, he divides emotions into four categories: love, love of passion, love of companions, and love of perfection.

This kind of emotion can be aimed at a kind of person, can also be aimed at a person, for example, I simply appreciate you, this can be like. Then I like which star, this can be like. That is to say, like is a feeling that the other side is good, but let’s pay a little more, may not be good. I still have my own thing, I can think of you when, or have the opportunity to meet you, very warm to you, but the past is over. 1, as it aimed at one piece, does not have emotivity, dependence and intimacy, but the love of men and women has emotivity, dependence and intimacy.

 2, like the attention, is relatively low, but the love of the attention is relatively high. Then cheating men and third parties should be based on like, derived from the passion. The so-called love of passion, scientists give the definition is called: a form of ideology, it is characterized by fierce, irresistible. Between the third party and the man who cheats, the probability is the love of passion, that is, emotion. They will have strong emotions, roller coasters will have very strong sexual experiences, very happy, irresistible death also wants to love; No, right? That’s why we describe a man who’s cheating on something like a brain-crazy man – he doesn’t care about anything, he doesn’t want a business family child, he just focuses on the person in front of him, he just focuses on the third person.

“I miss my affair partner so much—Why don’t men want to divorce even if they have an affair?”

That’s why many third-party and cheating men remarry and are not necessarily happy. What you’re going to say means, it’s what it means to have a fantasy in your head, something to project. The third party is equivalent to a container. loaded with his needs.

A lot of threes people are like this, in the third party to take their own so-called needs, in the wife, desperately let their own demand this action to become rational. So the man who does not divorce is to take the third party as a container to meet the demand point, the brain crazy man, the big probability will force his wife to divorce, the ap apron of passion love is nothing to worry about. But this time, the original interest, is the best time.

Third question: How do men feel about their wives after cheating? Many men feel guilty when their wives just find out they’re cheating. Guilt can’t, admit mistakes, kneel, cry, repent, feel like you’re going to be depressed. Many men feel that they cheat, because of the disharmony of the marriage, resulting in their own no venting, confused and made a mistake. He subconsciously gave himself the excuse of cheating and finding a contradiction in his marital relationship. Educated people know that cheating is really wrong, so they will admit their mistakes and feel guilty. But the subconscious can’t be erased, and that’s the problem. There are some men, if the married and his wife is very violent, cheating, even guilty. The subconscious influence is greater than the bottom line of moral ethics. So, we all say, don’t forgive easily, because if this person can’t recognize the subconscious problem, he won’t really know what’s wrong, won’t open his heart, and will just continue to run away.

Then you say, in the face of husband crying, many wives will hesitate, most will not divorce, give a simple lesson to forgive, think that know wrong, the result did not take long, his wife’s suspicion is serious, he wants to find a breakthrough to vent. Why don’t you forgive me easily? Because in many cases, he did not repent thoroughly and continue to cheat the wrong to the marriage contradictions. So you say that the contradictions in marriage are caused by a person? Men feel wrong at the same time, women are also wronged, with cheating solutions, is a personal choice, the choice is wrong, is your fault. Which couple has no problem now? It’s all about cheating, what’s the point of getting married? Besides cheating, can you solve the problem? It will only make the marriage more and more fractured.

“I miss my affair partner so much—Why don’t men want to divorce even if they have an affair?”

Don’t jump into this thinking trap, to change the problem, now is not the time to change the problem, the more change the less self-confidence, the more change the other side feel that there is a reason for cheating.

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