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Many men choose to cheat in marriage, not to the wife of the family do not love, but men are born to hunt the nation, like to expand their territory so that they have more children, this gene caused. So men in general it is difficult to refuse to take the initiative to give arms to the woman, if it is beautiful, good body, character and gentle, it is more difficult to resist.

So, how can we guard against the fact that extramarital affairs are smothered in the cradle in the early stages of cheating?

“I miss my affair partner so much—-6 signs of husband cheating”

Here are a few ways to introduce you:

1, mobile phone

Many women think that even if a man cheats, he will delete the chat and call logs before he doesn’t go home.

First of all, we don’t have to check the chat history, but the transfer record. A man who cheats will think that he can’t give the woman outside the name and company, can only make up for it with money, and he’s definitely not mean about it. And most of the small three, looking for married men, but also to give themselves a better material life, all kinds of festivals and daily red envelopes how can be less?

Also, you can also check the man’s takeaway records and Taobao’s receiving address. This kind of hidden place is very difficult for the average man to care about.

“I miss my affair partner so much—-6 signs of husband cheating”

2, panties

Men have been married for a long time, in front of their wives may not pay much attention to their own image, especially like underwear, underwear, socks, these more hidden things outsiders can not see.

Only when a man’s underwear is possible outside for other women to see, he will pay attention, will want to wear new, to maintain their image.

3, open house records

This is also the most effective method, now online check house records have a lot of channels, if there is a husband’s ID card, you can also take to the police station inquiry.

4, husband and wife life

If none of the above methods are used, or there are no traces, then the most unseeded may be the couple’s life. Men are lower body animals, men’s physiological needs are much higher than women’s, if a man suddenly avoids physical contact with you, or in bed to push you three or four, even if it is a grassy thing, then it is likely that he has cheated, because he is tired of your body, no longer willing to touch your body.

5, car

The car is a man’s second wife, the man’s love of the car is far more careful than his own small home. So the car swings and all kinds of new equipment are places to keep an eye out for. If suddenly there is a feminine sticker or pendulum, the source of which must be worth digging deep.

“I miss my affair partner so much—-6 signs of husband cheating”

6, fragrance

The object of a man’s cheating may not be a pretty girl younger than you, or may not be a fancy slut who is good at dressing up, but his choice of toiletries and your tastes will not be the same. Shampoos, shower gels, and creams come in a full scent. If a man goes to her residence after exercise is over, it is inevitable to take a cool bath, this time the body will have the taste of other bath products, if the same family does not appear many times, basically can be sure that the man has created.

In fact, the problems of neither side are not only the other side’s problems, the two sides in dealing with the relationship must also appear in varying degrees of problems. If you do find a problem, don’t just blame the other side, sometimes from your own point of view, you will see a different side of the problem. Calm down and you’ll have a better way to deal with it.

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