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The rest of your life is very short, if there is a person who knows how to hurt you, willing to accompany you through this life, that he is true love for you, your feelings will become stronger and deeper.

Those who love you will give you more courage and gentleness, and they will give you more strength and confidence.

It takes a lot of patience and sincerity to love someone. When you can hardly appreciate the slightest enthusiasm and temperature from a person, he is indifferent to you, callous, he is not willing to pay for you full of tenderness, nor willing to sacrifice a lot of time for you, indicating that he may not be so distressed and care about you.

Generally speaking, people who really hurt you will have these hidden details.

“3 signs that men chase you/like you”

1, will always silently pay attention to you

When a person in life is willing to care for and help you silently, he will become your strong pillar and rely on you, when you need him, he will be on call, indicating that he really hurt you.

A person’s heartache for you is written on his face. When he is with you, if he is always smiling, he feels happiness and happiness from the heart, indicating that he really hurts you.

Especially when you are sad and depressed, he will love and pity you. When he gazes at you, his eyes will be filled with infinite love and tenderness.

When you can feel the fire-like enthusiasm from a person, he will never easily snub and ignore you, no matter when you find him, he will be the first time to respond to you, he will always put you in mind, indicating that he really loves you.

Whether a person really hurts you depends on whether he usually cherishes and values you enough. If he completely ignores your existence, he is never willing to cherish your efforts, too alienated and mean to you, he is never willing to take the initiative to care for and greet you, he is too selfish and means in front of you, then you do not have to love him, but should let go early.

“3 signs that men chase you/like you”

2, can resonate with you

People who really hurt you often have a strong emotional resonance with you. On the one hand, he will actively develop common interests and hobbies with you. On the other hand, he will try to understand every word you say and be willing to think from your point of view.

In feelings, if a person can collide with you out of the spark of love, you speak freely together, can have a large number of a common language, you together will not create an emotional estrangement, indicating that he really loves you.

The more people who hurt you, the better they are at thinking differently. Even if you disagree or conflict with him, he will give you more tolerance and forgive you for all the mistakes you have made.

Emotional resonance comes from your understanding and familiarity with each other. If a person doesn’t know anything about your life, he doesn’t know anything about your preferences and personality, it’s hard for him to have a strong emotional resonance with you, and he can’t understand what you’re saying.

Feelings cost a lot of time. If a person doesn’t want to spend time in-depth understanding of your life circle and inner world, he can’t really understand your ideas, and he can’t accommodate your shortcomings and shortcomings, and it’s hard for you to resonate with him.

If a person really hurts you, he will find ways to create all kinds of opportunities to meet you, will double cherish your opportunities for every chat. When you chat with him, you will feel particularly at home, because he can understand what you mean, you are always full of tacit understanding.

3, willing to give you everything 

Love is selfless dedication, is mutual giving. When a person really hurts you, he will go to the soup for you, willing to pay for you everything. If he doesn’t hurt you at all, he won’t give you love and sincerity, but he will be extremely mean and mean to you.

“3 signs that men chase you/like you”

Everyone can face all kinds of difficulties. When you are in trouble, you may need to talk to someone. At this point, if a person is willing to lend you a helping hand, he is always in your trouble or bottleneck period can patiently guide you, comfort you, he is willing to accompany you out of the difficult situation, indicating that he is really distressed you.

Only those who really love you will pay for you wholeheartedly, will be set up to think for you, will cherish your love little by little.

Whether a relationship can come to an end depends on whether you are generous enough to each other and whether you are willing to show the best to each other.

If a person from the beginning refused to help you, he is always begging you in the feelings, but never take the initiative to pay for you, over time, this relationship will slowly go bad, the distance between you will become more and more distant. Because he doesn’t really hurt and care about you, he won’t hesitate to abandon you once you lose your value.

In short, the person who really hurts you will express it through all kinds of details.

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