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Do ex-girlfriends still love you? Take a closer look at her performance and you’ll see if your ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you. 

Some couples because of family or other factors helpless breakup, but still keep in touch, today to tell you how to see if the ex-girlfriend still likes you.

Will she ever come back after dumping me? 1. Contact you on your own initiative:

After the break-up, she still did not delete your contact information, such as Whatsapp, FB, phone, etc., may just start a few days, or a period of the time ignore you, but after a period of time, she occasionally sent a message to you, asked whether to eat, how recently, how is work, whether there is a new girlfriend ah and so on? It means she certainly didn’t put you down and wanted to get in touch with you and didn’t want you to disappear from her world.

2. Always care about yourself:

When it rains, the ex-girlfriend will care if you have an umbrella, cool down, the ex-girlfriend will tell you to wear more clothes, she is still as concerned about you as before, she must still like you.

Will she ever come back after dumping me? 3. Follow your developments:

When you send a new message online, your ex-girlfriend always leaves a message, or every time you open the app, you can see her in a recent visitor.

4. Ask you from a friend’s side:

Partying with friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time, everyone says that ex-girlfriends from his side inquire about your recent life, ask you how you are doing, are you happy, she remembers you very much.

Will she ever come back after dumping me? 5. No nickname changed:

Maybe you changed the same net name when you were in love (the name of the couple series) you found for a long time, she has not changed.

6. Keep your photos:

Listening to friends say from her cell phone to see the two of you used to be together when the photo, the ex-girlfriend has not deleted it, she wants to keep this good memory.

Will she ever come back after dumping me? 7. Text you late at night:

You often get text messages from her at midnight and late, and she always asks if you’re asleep, she says she’s bored, she just wants to talk to you, she must miss you very much.

8. Promise to date you:

If you’re dating her, she just refuses or hesitates and says yes, and she’s willing to have tea, dinner, shopping, movies, etc. with you.

Will she ever come back after dumping me? 9. Ask you to go out and play:

If your ex-girlfriend asks you out on weekends or holidays, she’d love to see you and decide for herself whether to meet.

10. Share your interests:

If you have a common interest, such as playing badminton, tennis, billiards, if you ask her, she is willing to play with you, indicating that she is still feeling for you, forget you, the opportunity is great.

Will she ever come back after dumping me? 11. Accept your gift:

You give her gifts, such as roses, chocolates, she is still happy to accept, or you want to hold her hand, want to hold her when she is not very violent words, then congratulations, your compound is still very promising.

That’s how your ex-girlfriend still loves you, and if you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend and she cares about you, you can take action to get her back.

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