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All say that a woman in love is a fool, a woman who is out of love is a madman, in fact, why not a man? The scars of love will hurt as much as a man or woman, except that men may not seem so hysterical because of their gender characteristics, and try to control their emotions, but their hearts suffer.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-What should you do”

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-What should you do”

Why did she leave me?

Does she still love me?

I’m so nice to her, how could she be so hard-hearted?

She’s not going to have a new girlfriend so soon?

Yes, these are the questions you want to save your girlfriend, wandering in your heart a thousand times, you ask yourself over and over again, a burst of pain, but you have no answer. At the same time, you also want to know what kind of imperceptible problems exist between you, so that your feelings come to an end.

But who’s going to tell you?

Friends, they can only give you some friendship comfort;

If you really want to save your ex-girlfriend and really want to continue this broken love, you should not indulge in pain, you should cheer up, re-examine your relationship, think about what else you can do to compound with her?

If you’re still sad and tangled, figure out the following five questions, and you might get a lot out of it.

Do you still love her?

This is a key question, which directly determines whether you should or should not save the relationship. People have self-esteem, especially if you’re the one who’s been abandoned, and you’re bound to be more reluctant, but you need to think more about your relationship:

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-What should you do”

Do you really care about her?

Are you aware of the problems you had in getting along in the past?

Is your recovery more because of emotional insercision, or just to fight back as a man’s face?

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-What should you do”

If already do not love, just out of strong and not willing, then really do not have to work hard, heaven and earth, the joy of life everywhere, there is no need and a person who has no love entanglement, that will only torture each other, and finally fall to the end of both defeats.


If you still love her, it’s more about getting your mind right and thinking about where your relationship pattern problem is, what shortcomings you have and where you need to improve.

Remember, be sure to reflect on your own problems, be sure to pay the action worthy of your determination, do not do the giant of thought, the dwarf of action, because the person to be saved is you.

Are you willing to change yourself for her?

One mistake many men make after a breakup is never to see the underlying reason behind the problem:

She doesn’t always complain that I always play games, then I play a little less;

Isn’t she always saying I’m not romantic, so I’ll send her a bunch of flowers;

But do you understand what your ex-girlfriend really wants to say behind these complaints?

Just like she always complains that you play the game, is it really for you to play the game itself, oh no, we are all adults, who is willing to emotional security low to interfere with other people’s hobbies? She just wants you to spend a little more time with her!

Playing less games is a simple change, and freeing up time to spend more time with her is a deep-seated change. Now that your ex-girlfriend has left you, she has seen many shortcomings and faults in you, and she sees no hope that you can change.

So since you want to save, make deep changes, not just changes on the surface. Only deep-seated change can form a “secondary attraction”.

To what extent has your relationship been damaged?

After the break-up of different people will take different practices, some people no longer come and go, some people faintly as ordinary friends, and some people such as enemies meet each other outside the eye red.

You can combine your own state, through your meeting frequency, the attitude of both sides of the conversation and the evaluation of friends around you, to analyze your relationship has entered a stage.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-What should you do”

Here’s a small test that can help you determine where your current relationship is, or how damaged it is. Before taking steps to recover, figure out the following six questions:

Does the other person have a slight interaction with you?

Does the other person avoid direct interaction with you?

Is the other person cold or tired of your compound request?

Is the other person very resistant to your recovery?

Does the other person want you to disappear from her life-neutral horse?

Does the other person hate you?

Every time you answer one more yes, it means that the crisis of love between you is deeper. Generally speaking, three questions, from top to bottom, each represents a hierarchy of emotional crises, the bigger the lower the level, the deeper the crisis, and the greater the challenge of recovery.

Now let’s look at the six levels of emotional damage and what the redeemer at each level can do. To know that a lot of problems are accumulated, if found that the problem must be dealt with in a timely manner, do not let the crisis escalate.

Level 1

You are also in contact on social software, sometimes social dynamics will like each other, you look for her to chat she will also return a few words. All in all, your relationship still seems quite calm. But as long as you mention recovery, she will always consciously avoid, show that she does not want to talk about the problem, or simply ignore it.

What are you going to do?

Congratulations, there’s still a good chance that this will happen. Since the other party is still willing to interact with you, it means that your love is far from irreversible, but you have to remember that you can not entangle at this time, that will only push the other side further. You can create some mystery by temporarily disconnecting, at least without worsening your relationship. Let her rack her brains to figure out what you’re doing, and you’re a long way from success.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-What should you do”

Level 2

Your relationship is not bad until you blacken your friends, but you can clearly feel that the other person refuses to interact directly with you, or even get tired of your request for recovery. You know indirectly through her friends that her actual emotions are not as indifferinant as they seem, and there are even some sad factors in it. This shows that she still has emotional stumbling blocks on you, but intellectually deliberately avoid you.

What are you going to do?

At this time your relationship can be said to be very delicate, the other side’s attitude towards you is also a little ambiguous. But since she is intellectually difficult to accept you for a while, it shows that there are specific problems between you, but she is in a moment difficult to bridge the psychological gap. So give her enough time to adjust her mindset, give each other enough space to think about your future emotional direction, and you can take the opportunity to play down her negative impression of you. 

Level 3

The other person’s attitude toward you is very cold, and refused to communicate with you, whenever you make a compound request, or to please her, the other side’s reaction is still a little resistant. And her daily life is normal, as if not to see how the break-up of the relationship on her impact, friends around her also thought she completely abandoned the relationship.

What are you going to do?

This happens because you simply can’t figure out the specific intention of the other person’s coldness to you, you can’t easily use disconnection to cold treatment, but need to listen to the advice of professionals, let them help you smooth out the cause and effect of this relationship, and help you correct your own problems, so as to try to improve yourself, let her feel your growth changes. It is important not to act without full confidence, otherwise it is easy to escalate the crisis.

Once you have identified the extent of the damage to your relationship, what else should you pay attention to in the specific operation of the recovery?

1. Many times, you may be just a person in the effort, the other side is not even willing to cooperate. At this time do not complain, do not be discouraged, if it is so easy to recover, every day there will not be so many people are suffering from love loss. Bold to do, too much to think about the loss and loss often get nothing.

2. Feelings have reached the moment to be saved, the remaining opportunities are really not much, so find the right way to move quickly. Don’t think about so many ways to try one by one, the other party may not have so much time and patience.

3. Don’t just pay according to your will, sometimes you don’t give what she wants, to understand her real needs.

If you recover success, be sure to cherish this hard-won happiness!

The preservation of love needs long-term heart management, know how to cherish is the best starting point of love.

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