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Realistically speaking, a girl talks to you about breaking up in different emotions and states, and the truth will she wants to express is very different.

When a girl quarrels with you and talks to you about breaking up.

In fact, her true intention is not to break up.

But for this reason of breaking up, I hope you can make a corresponding change in the relationship, this is a girl’s false break-up.

At the same time, she hopes to get the answer, not that the boys will agree to break up, but hope that the boys can put down their body to “coax”, the break-up is just their decision to make a decision, in fact, want to cause you to love attention and attention.

A fake break-up girl, in fact, is not do not love you, but you can listen to her inner voice.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me is true or false”

But when a girl is unusually calm and says, “Let’s break up.”

Then prove that she really wants to break up with you, she will not argue with you again, but will be the rational and calm treatment of everything related to you.

Because this love has brought her enough disappointment, so they want not you to “coax”, but hope to get a kind of self-relief.

The true break-up of girls, often love tired, also can not afford to love again, so will choose to let go.

So let’s talk about how to properly save our break-up ex-girlfriend.

No1, fake breakup

For the false break-up, as a boy, you must first understand one thing: the girl’s false break-up is just a mouthful of a break-up, but the heart and its hope to be retained by you.

There are a lot of boys who will go to such a break-up misunderstanding: clearly know that girls and their own false break-up, so take this opportunity to indulge themselves, think it is only a rare opportunity for freedom.

And then for a long time do not take the initiative to repair the relationship, so that each other’s feelings for a long time into the empty window period.

Over time, the girl’s sense of disappointment with your let go and gradually accumulated, the attitude towards emotion also changed from gambling to despair. When the girl’s patience passes, the false break-up also transitions to the true sexual break-up.

So girls’ false break-up to give each other’s calm period is generally not very long (30min to 3days), if more than three days of the best time to recover, then girls are likely to lose confidence in this relationship, began to try to put down hope for you.

The first thing to do for a fake breakup is to “break up.”

But the disconnect here is not about you severing all ties, it’s not about letting each other wait for the cold war to come to terms with each other.

Instead, the negative emotions of each other are filtered out first, that is, the emotions are pulled back into a state of calm and rationality.

In this short period of disconnection, as a boy to do is to re-examine the new love contradictions, and try to be a guide, to lead girls to find a way out of emotional contradictions.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me is true or false”

During this time, the following three types of behaviour are avoided:

1. Look for other heterosexual solutions

2. With an emotional attitude, find girls to re-theoretical

3. Overindulging yourself and not paying attention to girls’ emotions for a long time

These three kinds of wrong behaviour tend to aggravate the negative emotions of girls. At the same time make she feel that “you do not have the ability to resolve the contradictions in your feelings”, which in turn leads to the rapid passage of dependence on you.

So she began to wonder, “It seems like the right decision to break up.” ”

For a girl’s fake breakup, you have to learn how to “coax”.

The same girls will think that “the original break-up can let you unconditionally compromise on anything”, and then even more forced to break up to force you to compromise. Over time your emotional state is divided, together, and eventually, you will not be able to endure such pressure to actively choose to break up.

Therefore, to be a boy to know “how to coax wisdom”, so that the relationship between each other to warm up at the same time, but also to make girls aware of their own mistakes.

Rationalized coaxing, sincere apology, self-attitude elaboration, pulling back the emotional level.

Then began to sincerely apologize, but not to ask you to lick the way to apologize, but something to say, what they did, what to say hurt her heart, and said that they will not let each other in the impulse to face contradictions.

The final elaboration of self-attitude is particularly critical. Before, whether it is “coaxing” or apologizing, in the unconscious put themselves in love low, then the expression of self-attitude is to put their position back to equality a process.

When elaborating, be articulate so that she understands you while being aware of her excesses and sending a signal to the other person, “I can take care of your emotions, but you also have to be proactive in being aware of your mistakes.” “Make yourself look weak, but there is a firm position.

No2, true sexual break-up

A lot of people have asked me the question, “Is it a girl and their own sincere break-up, it is very difficult to recover?” ”

There is no denying that the true nature of break-up from the difficulty and solution is very difficult, but if the treatment, there is still a high compound rate.

Let’s be clear: because you’ve loved each other before, there’s still a foundation. What we’re going to do is not break up the emotional healing, but let the creation of attraction, let love burn twice.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me is true or false”

First of all, after the girl’s true sexual break-up, the most disgusted and disgusted boys have the following recovery behaviour:

1, high frequency with WeChat, telephone, SMS harassment of the other side

2, too low begging compound

3, use each other’s parents to pressure each other to compromise

4, the manufacture of chance encounters, and constantly brush the sense of existence

5, to her side to show the opposite sex demonstration, declare their sovereignty

Clear true sexual break-up to save taboos, we next chat about how to correctly save the mind of the determined ex-girlfriend?

For true break-ups, be sure to give each other a sufficient period of calm (3-21days).

And this time is not a countdown to your inaction, but a real change in self-image, character, action.

In terms of image

When a girl is determined to talk to you about breaking up, if you are in a long time in a slouchy, depressing image, this will give girls a great sense of alienation and exclusion.

When people lose, they instinctually expect good things. So the display of your negative image will only make the girl feel “what a right decision it is to break up with you.” ”

So from the external image, do not let her feel “lost love also lost the power of life.” Instead, you have to pay more attention to the external image of their own packaging.

Improve their clothing, improve their attitude to life and aesthetics, let them see a new you, so that will re-attract her attention.

At the same time, a more optimized image from the outside, you will also from the invisible to the other side caused a sense of crisis.

After all, people only know how to cherish after losing, but the premise to cherish is that you need to show your flash point most intuitively.

In character terms

True sexual break-ups are often not a one-off, but a long time of disappointment brought about by the planning for a long time.

That is to say, in the previous feelings, there must be a strong conflict between each other, or boys have so that girls can not bear the character defects, these problems gradually kill the girl’s love and then let the girl determined to break up.

So the premise of recovery must be that you have changed the girls those intolerable points, and with the ability to give girls a new emotional life.

To understand the truth: you must have enough obvious positive change, girls will have the courage to look back.

So what you have to do is to actively make the internal and external remodelling of your personality, so that the other person can see the hope that you are back together, she can rekindle the confidence and fighting spirit of love, to face the future of communication and business.

Therefore, you can try more channels to enhance self-worth, to the love of the past to make a re-analysis of their own defects, actively make positive changes and remodelling, and through the circle of friends to girls to suggest their own change.

Only when you change from the inside out will she be able to notice you again, and love will take a turn for the better.

In terms of action

When it’s time to recover, be clear: Don’t be eager to show your sense of need for complexity. Because there are many times, your eagerness and desire will only make girls feel alienated and disgusted, and then again refuse your compound request.

After the cool period of a breakup, you can properly interact with each other as a friend (be careful not to be too frequent, don’t expose your purpose), and at the same time start getting to know each other again, social software to learn about her situation, to master her thoughts and emotions.

Know how to be a friend and re-create a sense of conversation when you get along.

When does it prove that you can make a substantial recovery?

It’s when the other person starts not to exclude chatting with you and is willing to take the initiative to talk to you about some in-depth topics. You can clearly feel the tone of the other person’s attitude while chatting with each other, already has the shadow of being together.

This time, it proves that you are in the “golden window” to save.

What you have to do at this point is: ask her to come out and meet and let each other’s feelings heat up again.

But asking her to come out and meet doesn’t make you sound a compound horn, or it’s about reinventing the relationship step by step.

The purpose of asking her to come out was to make the relationship no longer awkward. At the same time let the other side put down their guard against you, re-understand you and accept you.

In the process of dating, you have to know how to imply that “you have changed the ta once unacceptable habits, while still love each other”, but the expression must be euphemistic, do not express your purpose, but let the other side slowly accept.

So when did it prove that you could upgrade your relationship?

When girls start not to exclude and go out with you, and each other have already produced the behaviour of a former lover (e.g. holding hands, hugging, pacifying, etc.), this time you can find the right time to actively upgrade the relationship.

For example, on a very happy date night with each other, you sent her downstairs.

This time you can silently hold her hand, looking deeply into her eyes and saying, “I can’t forget you, can you give me a chance to love you again?” ”

Most of your recovery will be successful at this time.

But the girl agrees that the compound premise must be that she has seen your positive change, and she has shown a strong affection for you.

These two signals are indispensable.

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