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Do you have such distress: clearly very hard to recover the ex-girlfriend, why she did not have the slightest intention of turning around? There are even people who think their ex-girlfriends hate themselves even more. What I’m trying to say here is, of course! The method did not find the right, how can girls react. That is to say, compounding with an ex-girlfriend is not a difficult thing, it is difficult, you have to find the right way, in the right direction to compound, there is a chance of success.

When you fall in love, as long as a quarrel, you admit mistakes, girls ask you where you are wrong, you can not answer. The result will only make the girl feel that you are perfunctory, not because you voluntarily admit mistakes to forgive you. I believe that most girls will not accept such a kind attitude.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-How to compound”

So, the process of recovering your ex-girlfriend, but also the process of cleaning up the mistakes you left behind, not only to recover feelings but also to make yourself better.

The wrong composite method.

1. Frequent appear in front of girls

After the break-up, the girl did not ruthlessly delete your contact information, which let you find a way to apologize and recover. I don’t know, girls don’t pull black, is still a little look forward to you. And you are silly 24 hours apology bombing, motionless to the girl voice apology for forgiveness, late at night in the major social platforms sent sad quotes, for fear that the ex-girlfriend can not see. For example, flies are the most annoying in the summer, clearly already very hot, but also surrounded by flies, so everyone hates it. This is like you frequently refresh the presence of the behaviour, girls clearly hate you, you also like headless flies everywhere, this kind of recovery behaviour will not please girls, and even let girls black your contact information.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-How to compound”

2. Ask a mutual friend or family member for help

Since your own means of recovery did not make the girls have any reaction, there is no way to start you start to seek help from those around you. For example: find girls’ friends to persuade, use common friends to force girls out to meet, contact girls’ families to ask for help and so on. Most girls have a protective desire for their friends and family and don’t like to be involved. And you forcibly stimulate girls, and even more, will form a kind of harassment. This act of coercion will deepen the girl’s desire to escape from you, keep you away from her circle of life and friends, by which time, the girl’s dislike of you will not only be emotional but also include character.

3. Over-emotional

When they first broke up, most people’s loss of heart was so severe that they didn’t want to let go. When the other person proposes to break up, grief or emotions get out of hand. Imagine, a full of angry, sick like person, such a state of down-to-earth to recover the predecessor? Even in this state to recover, in exchange for who is not willing to accept you ah. So why is this an over-emotional problem? In fact, this shows that all aspects of the boy’s life still have the other half of the shadow in it, from a psychological point of view, generally speaking, what is the unfinished goal or is interrupted the goal, will cause this long-lost shadow of love.

4. Make no changes

After the break-up, whether it’s dressing up or acting in a style or “in disrepair” circles of friends, it’s still the same. Life all day long, with no goals and no action, thinking about compounding with an ex-girlfriend, without making any effective compounding methods. Don’t say it’s you, no one can get better in this environment.

Post-breakup composite technique one

—— listen and soothe your emotions

Girls are like cats, elusive her mind is a mouth right and wrong, ten twists never will say the idea of a kitten.

At this time, if you beg the girl, holding her thighs pretending to be a poor look, will not cause the girl’s forgiveness, the girl in anger, will not be shaken by your few words.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-How to compound”

Well, if you let the girl calm down, choose to disappear in front of the girl, or a helpless face said I was wrong. This kind of behaviour is not called along with the girls, it is called escapism, perfunctory. Believe that girls see you this attitude, and then angry, girls will not quarrel with you, but directly calm to you to break up, you do not care about me, let me a person angry, then I want you this boyfriend what use?

The correct way should be, listen carefully to the girl, silently holding her, gently patting the girl’s back or silently her head. Let her feel that your attitude is correct, is willing to listen to her, at the same time in the admission of their mistakes, with a gentle tone and expression to the girl for forgiveness. At this moment, your gentle expression and correct attitude, coupled with your behaviour, will instantly let the girl’s anger down a large part. Of course, unless you make an unforgivable principled mistake, you’re not afraid of girls running away if you choose the right method.

There will be boys who have doubts, she is very cold to me, very determined to break up, how to do ah?

For this firmly proposed break-up, but also along with the girl, first to show their attitude: “You proposed the break-up, I believe you have your reasons, I agree with your decision.” “Let the girls think you’re a mature and generous person, not a childish child.” In this way, you make a good impression on the girl, but also stabilize her mood. The attitude of girls has changed, coupled with your determination to do the compound means, then you are one step closer to the goal of successful compounding.

Compound tip two after a breakup

—— to change and improve themselves (short departure is for a better encounter)

Girls are visual animals when their predecessor changed the style of dress, change hairstyles, the behaviour has also changed, such a predecessor, appear in front of girls, change which girls do not move?

1. Change of appearance: “Three points look seven points dress up”, this sentence is not true at all. People rely on a clothes horse saddle, boys in the shape can also have a lot of choices: overbearing president, cold wolf-dog, sunshine boy, white milk dog and so on, through the major sharing and wearing software to find their own want to try the style, after practice to choose the most suitable for their own. But there are also some dress details to avoid: loose-fitting trousers with stockings, plaid polo shirts, fluorescent-coloured jeans, over-tight jeans, flat shoes on the bare feet, shiny pointed scalp shoes, big logo designer clothes and so on, these details must be carefully selected or not selected. I believe that even if the ordinary look, after their own careful dress, will give people an extraordinary feeling.

2. Hair changes: The importance of hairstyle to the outside world need not say much, a good hairstyle, will let your temperament improve several levels. Change your hairstyle You need to consider is your face shape or even your occupation, age and other realities, choose a clean and well-taken hairstyle.

3. Interests and hobbies training: improve their own not only shape changes but also do both inside and outside, in peacetime can not be confined to work and play games, to do something that can bring you to harvest, such as fitness, basketball, reading, swimming, archery and so on, whether physical or mental, these can bring you how many games can not play the value.

The above changes and promotions are nothing more than allowing boys to learn to increase their value indefinitely in a limited time.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-How to compound”

Compound tip three after a breakup

——- to show self-improvement attraction

How can a good external image and hobbies not let people appreciate it, learn to share their own lives, but also to recover the former must pass. In situations where it’s hard for you to meet, on a common social platform, share your photos low-frequency, paying attention to what must be high-quality photos to attract the eyes of the opposite sex and ex-girlfriends. The girl’s psychology is difficult to figure out, the more you send an admirable photo, the more to her to maintain some mystery, the more can attract her attention and curiosity.

The unannscoming display allows the girl to see your change, which makes her ask, “When did he become so handsome?” “Was my original decision wrong” Oh, I knew I’d wait and see?

When she can come up with the idea of regret, then our recovery progress has been successful for a large part. Later to find a girl’s chat is also easy a lot easier, in the chat process want to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, let girls put down their vigilance and guard, to create opportunities for the invitation to meet.

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