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Save the predecessor: ex-girlfriend broke up after these kinds of performances, is to give you a chance to save!

Many people walk on the scattered, once the closest lover is now like a stranger, the heart of the thoughts and pain can not be put down, but also difficult to say.

In the face of once loved ones, even if the broken again clean, it is inevitable to leave some indelible traces.

Women’s mind delicate, you have been together little by little she remembers a clear, but they prefer the mouth is right and wrong, mouth never admit to you have any memory.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-5 Signs of an ex girlfriend coming back

Just because she chooses to break up with you doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you anymore. Maybe it’s disappointing for your previous performance, looking for a chance to start over, or seeing you sad, so choose to avoid you.

Can’t forget your woman, will certainly be reflected in the behaviour, if your ex-girlfriend also has the following kinds of performance, then it is likely to you still remember, I hope you can save her.

1. Occasional chat with you

She also keeps your contact details, indicating that she doesn’t want to lose contact with you completely. They talk to you occasionally, probably trying out your reaction.

Girls only chat and spit on people they trust. Even if you have broken up, but in her mind, your weight is still not reduced.

If she’s also deliberately or unintentionally testing your recent love life, it means she cares if you have a new beginning with someone else and if there’s a place for her in your heart.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-5 Signs of an ex girlfriend coming back” 

2. Tell the story of yourself and your ex when you’re drunk

Girls break up if too painful, will like to ask friends to come out to drink together, once drunk, began to tell their last emotional story, the aftertaste of the happy moment.

Although they always say forget in their mouths, in fact, the heart did not forget, but usually embarrassed to express the true meaning of the heart, only when drunk dare to use alcohol to complain bitterly.

They’ll even spy on your friends, watch your circle of friends or tweet, and wonder what you’re doing every day.

3. Keep or return the items you sent her

Couple’s cup, couple’s dress, you send her dolls, jewelry, everything is full of memories. But now that you’ve broken up, it’s only sad to see these things.

Despite the pain of looking at these things, she still can’t bear to throw them away, indicating that she still can’t put them down completely, keeping them is like keeping thought and telling herself you’ll be back. If she chooses to return you, it may be to stimulate you or to find a chance to see you.

While she has not completely come out of this relationship, we must seize the opportunity to save her, don’t wait for her to put down all your memories and things, before regret.

“Will she ever come back after dumping me—-5 Signs of an ex girlfriend coming back”

4. You will meet her often

I met her on the way home from work, the convenience store at home happened to see her shopping, friends can always see her at the party. Even if she hadn’t spoken to you, or had a few brief chats, it would have been a long-planned plan.

The vast sea of people, come and go countless people, but always meet her, how can it be just a coincidence? Think of a person who will try their best to see him, even if only a glance.

So if you meet her a lot, she’s mostly trying to meet you. Since the other party is so attentive, then you also have to take the initiative to her, meet a few more words, or another time to meet, to save her as soon as possible.

5. Get rid of the shortcomings you hate

If you find that she seems to have changed a lot recently and has changed some of the shortcomings you always pointed out before, she may be preparing for compounding.

Of course, it’s also possible to realize that you do have a problem, so you want to be a better person, not to please anyone.

Can pay more attention to her circle of friends, has recently been showing that she is working hard to live, and constantly improve themselves, but before she did not like to send those, then, the content of these circles of friends may be dedicated to you to see.

If she still has these “hints”, maybe she’s giving you a chance, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be with you. So, what you have to do is review yourself, and if you want to save, then from now on, you have to do something to find the most appropriate way to recover.

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