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What is “kindness”, we can understand as a kind of air of people, can accommodate others, that is, we say in daily life, for the people can be smooth.

“The bigger person is in love, it is irresponsible to be in love”

But you know in the emotional world too much is not a good thing, two people get along, can be inclusive of each other, but can not be just the kindness, especially for women, too much for men, is not a wise behaviour. What we want to tell you here is that when you get along with men, if you’re always very big, you’re not responsible for your feelings.

The opposite sex needs a certain sense of restraint:

When men and women get along, must have a little sense of restraint, women can not be too past to indulge men. Love is the right two people to grow up together, this time women should play a supervisory responsibility to men.

In reality, too many women are afraid of men leaving themselves, so she is too big to scold men, and finally, let men go on the road of making mistakes. At this time, the scale is not a woman’s love for men, but a kind of extremely responsible for feelings.

Bigness requires boundaries and principles, and women need to know what they should be, and what they should be. A woman who is responsible for feelings, will not because of their own losses, indulge men, so that is not conducive to the development of the other side.

More not conducive to the development of feelings, whether it is a love relationship or a husband and wife relationship, two people need to supervise each other.

“The bigger person is in love, it is irresponsible to be in love”

The attribute of love is selfish

The attribute of love itself is selfish, as we usually hear the sentence “love can not be allowed to share half.” “Two people’s love is not allowed to get a third party to step in, not to be generous into a full pair of logging as an excuse, and have this to give up this relationship, it is not responsible for the feelings.

Love can not be grand, two people’s business, do not use kindness as an excuse to make their own claims.

A woman’s largeness can cause self-harm

When women and men get along, if a long time of grandness, everything is inclusive, for a long time, men will become worse, women themselves will cause great harm.

Two people need to get along constantly, feelings can be more profound.

Many times, a woman chooses to swallow her breath, which is what she calls the grandness. It’s not just about making yourself feel complaining, it’s also about getting along with each other. Contradictions can not be resolved, it is easy to appear more problems, which is obviously not responsible for their own and feelings.

In short, when women and men get along, understanding mutual tolerance is necessary but one must understand what is can be large, anything has to learn selfishly.

Bigness can be temporary, but it can’t last, and you can’t apply it to others. Because it can cause emotional harm, but irresponsible behaviour.

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