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How to be the bigger person 1. “Forgive the World”

There will always be things in our lives that we do wrong and regret, and there will always be people and things that hurt us.

Some people for their own mistakes, or to their own hurt people and things can not be relieved, choose to forgive or remember hate, is actually an attitude towards life. Choose to remember hate, perhaps you will live forever in the cage of hatred, always live in pain.

Some people do wrong about themselves or hurt themselves people and things are chosen to forgive and put down, forgive their own mistakes, forgive others to their own harm, put down hatred so that the heart is freed.

How to be the bigger person 2. “Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself for what you should have done and what you didn’t do, and you shouldn’t fall into a state of regret and be unable to help yourself,” Murray said.

Either you regret that you have chosen to be lazy at the age of your efforts, or that you regret that you have chosen to escape when you cherish love and that these are “things that should be done but not done”, and that you should choose to forgive those “things that should be done and not done”, choose to reconcile with it, choose to reconcile with yourself.

How to be the bigger person 3.Forgive their imperfections, forgive their own not excellent, forgive their own can not achieve great things, forgive themselves can not be brilliant, forgive their own can not be entangled in the waist, forgive their own shortcomings, forgive their own shortcomings, accept their own shortcomings, do not demand, do not nitpick, accept mediocrity.

3. “Forgive others”

In one’s life, one will always encounter unhappy things and unhappy people, if you do not learn to forgive, will only live pain and live tired.

People have a bad habit, is like to their closest people dump emotional garbage, casually throw their tempers to their loved ones, in fact, this is a bad habit, treat people close to us, we should learn more tolerance and tolerance, this is the embodiment of human cultivation.

If we are close to the people, more tolerance and tolerance, in fact, happiness is around.

How to be the bigger person 4. “Forgive your friends”

Friends are also an important part of our relationships, as the saying goes, the level of your circle of friends determines the level of your life, it can be seen that friends are also very important in our lives.

How to deal with the harm of friends, sometimes may come from a misunderstanding, it requires sincere communication, only communication can eliminate misunderstanding.

If it’s not a misunderstanding, but a real hurt, then learn to put it down and learn to forgive. Friends are worth making deep friends, not worth making on their own well-to-do, do not go to each other.

How to be the bigger person 5. “Forgive your predecessor”

If a couple or a couple after separation, often the result of the other person’s hate in the heart, this is the most common mutual refusal to forgive each other a relationship, which may be determined by love and the exclusive nature of marriage.

Failure to fall in love can sometimes have very bad consequences, and it is more common for one party to cause violent harm to the other or for both parties to hate each other and then end up together.

For forgiveness after a relationship breaks down, it’s a difficult process, one that comes from a replacement for another relationship, or an energy shift, or from a gradual dilution over time.

Forgive yourself, forgive others and make peace with yourself, and reconcile with others.

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