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Being the bigger person 1, loneliness and loneliness have enough resilience;

Whether you like to admit it or not, as human beings we are lonely all our lives.

Those who blindly “group” to appear that they are not alone may be more lonely inside.

Lonely is also. Some people fall in love is not because of how much they like each other, but can not stand the holiday atmosphere under a person’s empty state, lonely face no one warm bedding.

But the reality is that even people who have loved ones spend most of their time alone. Because the bottom colour of life is loneliness.

Therefore, accept loneliness, learn to enjoy loneliness, is the first step of maturity.

No longer because of loneliness or loneliness blind choice of who is a strong premise of the mind.

Being the bigger person 2, have enough mind to face the pursuit of rejection or the failure of love;

Whether it’s boys or girls, but anyone who thinks that:

I fall in love must be successful or I chase others must be successful people, I hope you in the action before the heart ready to fail and then go to action.

The so-called mental maturity of the second is:

I would like to like you, I am willing to spend time to pursue you, but I am also willing to accept that you will eventually reject my risk because this is your right.

Whether it’s love or pursuit, the other person has the right to leave and refuse, and so do you.

With this psychological quality, try to start a relationship.

Being the bigger person 3, know how to say “no” to things you don’t like;

A strong heart, in addition to having the heart to accept anyone’s rejection, but also the courage to say “no” to their own do not want to do things.

I do not know whether the domestic parents from an early age to the child’s education is “you don’t get into trouble” or “you want to be a good child” so that many people even if the physical reached the state of adulthood, psychologically still with a child without any difference.

The fact is that a “good man” who doesn’t understand rejection is not respected and thinks from the bottom of his heart that he’s really “good”. On the contrary, his comer does not refuse to be seen as an expression of principle.

Also, people who do not understand rejection are mostly afraid of their own rejection, in case the other party does not like their own how to do it? People who try to win a relationship by courting it end up with a relationship that mostly doesn’t last long.

Because the feeling of flattery is that I’m not good enough for myself.

Being the bigger person 4, the ability to live a long single career;

In fact, most people meet at least a few wrong people before they meet the right person in their lives. Some people with spiritual cleansing habits will choose to be arrogantly single, and will not want to fall in love.

So, in fact, for most people, being single is an inescapable stage before they get married.

And a mature person, will not waste time in the single-day software to find flirting strangers, not to be addicted to bars at all times.

That is not self-control enough and can not resist lonely people, will do the choice.

An adult who is responsible for his own life will surely make good use of his limited single life. When you’re single, enjoy doing what only a single day can do: whether it’s reading a book, going to a concert, learning to draw, or travelling around the world.

I believe you will be stronger when you run your limited single life with a gesture of enjoyment.

Being the bigger person 5, even if you meet love, but also still maintain their own “single force”;

Why do many people make their lives worse when they fall in love and become different from themselves, or when they meet love? This only means that he is not a truly independent and mature individual.

The so-called mature individual, an important characteristic is: not because of love or marriage lost personal independence.

But where the day after falling in love with their loved ones together, pot friends do not look for, work also does not work hard people, not long after, will find their feelings have problems.

Why is that? It’s easy to get bored with each other.

Because you’ve given up on yourself for him.

Once a person loses his initial independence and uniqueness and becomes dependent on another person, this is when he begins to lose the relationship.

Being the bigger person 6, regardless of whether married, you can run a good life;

People with mature minds also have an important trait:

They don’t see marriage as a must-have in life.

But most people who think they are losers if they don’t get married won’t be too happy even if they end up getting married.

Many people have a major misconception about marriage:

Always think that as long as I find someone, my life will be perfect.

The truth is, however, that finding that person only means that you are just beginning the first step in your life. After two people’s life is good or bad, it depends entirely on whether the two sides have no effort, whether there is no effort to operate and maintain.

A man who always counts on marriage as a safe deposit box is still disabled as an individual. Because he just longs for the other half to make up for himself.

Only when you really understand one day: in fact, not married, I can have a good time.

Maybe at the moment, it’s when you really have the ability to get into a marriage.

7, understand the importance of cherishing, no longer take anyone’s pay to you as a matter of course;

One of the biggest differences between childish and mature people is whether they understand what gratitude means.

Perhaps most of the young people now live in a unique environment from early years, so in the native family, most people are used to “selfless treatment” of the one.

So much so that some people have developed a selfish bad habit, that everyone should treat themselves as selflessly as their parents.

Yet society is, to some extent, one of the largest universities.

Especially in intimate relationships, most people are always in love with the problem, in fact, is too unscrupulous for others to pay.

But the reality is that there is only one way in the world to win a real relationship. That is equivalent exchange.

That is, only if you spend the same amount of time and energy on the relationship, the relationship will really belong to you.

But those who want to get in the relationship without hard work, in fact, deep down is still just a small child.

The result is that he won’t get anything after all.

8, the ability to love themselves, no longer to love their rights to others;

A truly mentally mature person, he must be a self-loved person;

What do you mean, self-love? It’s not about buying yourself bags or luxury goods or meeting all your material needs, it’s just making yourself more and more empty.

True self-love has only one criterion: knowing what choices are best for you.

9, in the face of difficulties, the first thing to think about is how to solve the problem, rather than just venting emotions.

There is a saying that “children only say right and wrong, but the majority weighs the pros and cons”.

After all, the adult world has never been easier. Since we live on the same earth, do you think you suffer, others will not suffer?

So since it’s not easy for everyone, why do some people have to die if they get a little hit?

Because he hasn’t grown up yet.

So that inertial self-pity, considering themselves the most difficult, wronged and vulnerable people in the world, if you open your eyes one day to other worlds to see what happened to refugees in war, you will find that your little pain can only be called “compassion” and “doing”.

All the power is not a day to become. But before you face the cruelty of the world on your own: learn to solve problems, not complain.

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