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Love a person does not need too many reasons, only when you no longer love a person, you will appear between all kinds of contradictions and conflicts, your distance will become farther and farther away.

For a woman, feelings, men do this, mostly means that he has feelings for you.

3 signs a man likes you 1. Keep your distance from the other opposite sex

If a man is willing to distance hired him from the rest of the opposite sex, he will meet your emotional needs and give you a full sense of security and belonging, so much and a half means that he really loves you.

A man who really loves you will never be single-hearted about you. Once he identifies you, he will be responsible for you to the end.

If a man and you together, always informal, do not pay attention to the proportion, he clearly knows that you love him, but do not know how to cherish your pay, but with others ambiguous, then it is clear that he does not actually love you so much.

Love a person is not hidden. When you find that a person began to deliberately away from you, he no longer treats you honestly, also refused to take heart and lungs at you, he does anything, say anything is irresponsible, he wastes time and energy on others, he has always refused to spend time with you and take care of you, it means that he does not love you.

A man who really cares about you knows how to keep his distance from other women. Even if it’s normal socializing or rewarding, he’ll master the scales and measures and won’t make you uncomfortable.

3 signs a man likes you 2, can reply to your message promptly

Whether a man really loves you can be seen in the details of his reply to the message. If he really loves you, he will reply to your message in time and never turn a blind eye to your message.

When you send a message to a man and he doesn’t reply for half a day, or the tone of his reply seems extremely impatient, it means that he may not love you that much.

The more you can’t let go of your man, the more you’ll respond to your message the first time, and he’ll even top up your message and set your message as a reminder. As long as you send him a message, no matter how busy he was, he will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Because he really loves you, he can’t bear to delay your time, don’t want you to wait too long.

If a man really loves you, he can not even do every second back to your message, at least will try to reply to your message promptly, he will not reply to your message for no reason, not to reply to your message with a cold tone and impatient tone.

3 signs a man likes you 3, care about your mood and feelings 

Emotionally, if a man cares especially about your feelings and feelings, he is willing to stand in your position and angle to think about the problem, which means that he loves you very much.

A man who truly loves you will never turn a blind eye to you, let me be indifferent to you.

Because he always has you in his heart, he will give priority to your feelings and take care of your emotions everywhere. If he is usually absent-minded about you, too indifferent and alienated to you, full of taunts and doubts about you, it means that he did not take you to heart.

Everyone has bad times. When you are in a bad mood, he is willing to stay with you, to make you happy, to show that he really loves you.

If a man is neither considerate of your difficulties nor willing to accommodate your shortcomings and shortcomings, even if you cry in front of him of all kinds, he does not care, indicating that he does not love you.

There are many ways to judge whether a man loves you, such as whether he respects your opinion, whether he trusts and relies on you enough, whether he is willing to take responsibility for every word he says, whether he can fully appreciate your feelings, and so on.

If he can give you more love and tolerance in his feelings, he can calm down to listen to your voice, willing to try to understand the pain you are suffering, willing to help you share your stress and sorrow, indicating that he may have touched your feelings.

If a man is never willing to take care of your feelings and feelings, he is too mean to you, callous, he lacks the necessary compassion and compassion for you, so much and a half means that he does not love you, you can also let go early.

In fact, he loves you or not, you know better than anyone else. You don’t need to test his heart, you don’t need to ask him if he loves you, you just have to look at his performance with your heart and see for yourself.

If he really loves you, he will give priority to your affairs, take care of you meticulously, and deal with every little thing you repeatedly ask as perfectly as possible.

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